Spinning, in the washer and elsewhere

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, December 22, 2010 at 3:45 PM


So I skipped yesterday.

I wore a dress, but you've seen it, and honestly you should be extremely surprised that you've gotten a post every day in December until now. Seriously, every day? I can hardly remember to eat every day.

On this Christmas Eve Eve Eve, I leave you with a funny from my oldest child (7 years old).

Reading the advent calendar this afternoon, concerning how though our sins may be as scarlet, we can be made white as snow, etc.

Me: So, when we do things wrong, when we hurt each other, we have a "stain" on our soul. Like when we get a stain on our clothes - ketchup, or Kool-Aid, or something really nasty, we can get those stains out. How can that happen?

Devlin, looking mortified at my ignorance in this matter: In the washer.

* * *

Dressember 22nd, Twirling Day: "and in heels, as well!"
Shoes: Steve Madden
Leggings: Last Chance
Skirt: Boden
Top: Banana Republic
Cardi: Antho
Belt: thrifted
Earrings, which you can't see but are nonetheless lovely: Aunt Holly

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Love love LOVE you dancing. And hey, love those gorgeous green lawns in your neck of the woods. I kinda wish I lived next door. Landscaping in our neighborhood is lacking in the green department. But, my house is old. At least it's got that going for it.
Anyway, back to you. You. Look. Marvelous, Darling.

Our neighbor's yards are much greener than ours, sadly. Not sure how hat works.

Oh, wait, I do know. They pay people to maintain their yards for them.

I love this picture too, actually, although it sounds pretty silly to say it about a picture of yourself. I would love it no matter who it was, I just think it's awesome! It's been a happy day.