Today was neat

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Saturday, December 18, 2010 at 8:47 PM


Today was a good one. And since you're here, I might as well tell you why.

1. My bathrooms, car, and kitchen are all clean. At the same time. We've already established my weakness for a sparkling/crumb-free floor, and now I've outed myself the rest of the way. It's taken me all week, but it's been enjoyable. Amazing what happens when you stay off The Internets and put your stylish little shoulder to the wheel!

2. My sister and her husband arrive in Arizona for the holiday season tonight! I sure do love those guys. If you ask very nicely, I bet Emily would finish up Dressember with me. Then again, if I do that then you will all see that she's taller, skinnier, and blingier than I am. Oh well, it takes all kinds, right?

3. Mr. Kimball is well and whole! Close enough, anyway. Tuner Gary came over to pay him a house call, and though he grimaced, groaned, and generally warned us not to get our hopes up, it appears that our little orphaned piano can hold a tune and was officially worth the money. He's got a wobbly music stand and a couple of keys that just don't seem to want to play, but I think with a little more elbow grease and some flattering words, he is going to be a keeper. Total cost: $330.

4. Haircut day, my favorite of all favorite days.

5. Granny and Gramps hosted their local grandchildren (we missed you, Bartle cousins!) at a Christmas party at their house this afternoon. They decorated cookies, made Christmas cards, went caroling, ate pizza and grapes in the living room and watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. It was a raging success, hopefully to be repeated! (Easy for me to say, since I just dropped my kids off for two hours and left!) Iris was especially tickled to be invited (she is often excluded from such events due to her tendency to reduce everything in her path to a pile of rubble). She sang "Jingle Bells" with all the volume she could muster and delighted at Granny's "Danta 'At", her current favorite item of clothing.

6. Eve and I stayed out past (her) bedtime to attend a dance recital at Mesa High (Aunt Holly had a vocal solo!) The gleam in her eyes watching the big girls dance has me all excited for her to grow up so I can see her in her own recitals, and attend more actual activities that we *both* enjoy (no offense, library storytime).

Dressember 18th, featuring a pair of leggings that I thought were tights when I bought them. I'm not too old for leggings, am I?
Shoes: Ecco
Leggings: Last Chance
Skirt: Boden
Top: Anthro
Necklace: Do I own another necklace? Apparently not.

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Rachel, I have openly mocked leggings in the past. I now own two pair. Considering there is no such thing as a normal sized shirt anymore... Sigh. They are awfully comfortable!

Rachel!!! I LOVE the leggings!! They look fantastic!! I vote yea! 10! This is, I think, my favorite picture so far.

And the Dressember business is awfully tempting! I have been cursing my unbuttonable pants all day. I cant take it anymore!! Trouble is, only packed 3 dresses. :/

I can't wait to see you!!!

'Twas an entertaining day, now wasn't it? So fun! (and I'm happy to hear Mr. Kimball is in good health!)