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Dressember is over, it's true. But seeing as I wasn't here to regale you all with my last few outfits in real time, I have gathered (some of) them up and I hereby bequeath to you all:

Oh my, what a big hat you have!

At Windsor Castle, New Year's Eve: I thought a nice tweed skirt would be fitting and proper for a visit to an actual royal residence. And it was - too bad you can hardly see it under my huge coat! However, I think my fur hat, while not as impressive as that of my distinguished companion, does make up the difference nicely.

When it's gray outside, I dress as a rainbow.

I think I can safely say, having seen all the photographic evidence, that I had the most colorful wardrobe in all of London, and quite possibly all of Western Europe. This coat could literally be seen for miles, which was handy because we had no ability to phone, text, or email each other so we relied on my yellow top half for navigational purposes, like the North Star.

(By the way, don't you just adore my scarf? It's a souvenir from St. George's Chapel at Windsor, which incidentally is absolutely lovely - and I now know that if you want to run back in and purchase one last thing from the gift shop even after they are closed, if you ask very very nicely and kiss the guard on the cheek, he might just turn out to be very obliging).

The author as a young fashionista.

What Dressember taught me:

1. Style is knowing yourself and knowing your closet. Once you familiar with what you have to work with, on your hips and on your hangers, then getting "dressed up" is just as quick and easy as getting into pajamas.

2. You don't have to get new things to feel like you've gotten new things. You have the proof here - I mixed and mixed and remixed the same items over and over again, but I never wore the same thing twice and I didn't get bored either! If you did, just smile and nod along. It's over now, anyway.

3. It's okay to care about how you look. There is no shame in wanting to look cute, attractive, hot, stylish, frame it how you will. Maybe some people think this whole projectwas frivolous, self-centered, and a general waste of time, and that's okay too. But I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I don't mind saying so! Being aware of one's style doesn't make you shallow or silly - it's just one facet of who we choose to be.

If you enjoyed Dressember as much as I did, the people who brought it to you and me have begun a less-intense version, Frocking Friday, which involves (as you can probably well imagine all on your own) the wearing of feminine finery every Friday in 2011 and documenting it for posterity and/or the blogosphere.

Shoes: J Shoes
Socks: Sock Dreams
Skirt: Boden
Top: Talbots
Necklace: Banana Republic
Awkward Pose: a Rachel Dixon original design

I'm really supposed to be "frocking" a smart dress, but since I don't have one I tried to make up for it with a big blingy necklace and sparkly legwear. (Doesn't my husband pick out the loveliest jewelry? Every year he steps it up a notch).

What's your personal style motto? Leave it in the comments and I'll use it in a future Frocking Friday post!

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your outfits are awesome! You need to teach me how to dress cute like you :) I LOVE that yellow coat, im coveting it now...

You know me. My style motto I'd best sum up as "classic with a contemporary twist." And of course my closet also looks like a springtime rainbow. Though these days my motto is mostly consisting of trying not to go crazy with this belly-bursting-out-of-every-pair-of-pants problem.

Love you!

That picture of young you in front of your family's van brings back so many carpooling memories! :) I just love you, Rachel. Thanks for sharing your sweet life with all of us!

You didn't learn your fashionista skills from me, but I am certainly learning some things from you. Your style suits you, and my style (when I develop it) will suit me. Thanks for teaching me so much, in such a fun way! I think my style is romantic. I would love to see your version of it.