London Part 1

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See how that works? When you take an awesome trip like this, your pictures speak for themselves (even if they were taken on a cell phone) and you don't even have to think of a clever title. Why bother trying to compete with this?

Big Ben: if you didn't know that one, you probably can't read either, or say what year it is. Sorry about that.

Westminster Abbey at dusk, which is 4pm in midwinter London. We attended an evensong service there, which included a congregational hymn. This means I can truthfully claim that I have sung at Westminster Abbey!

Protesters on the street near the Abbey: it was very cold and raining. I'm glad I wasn't sleeping in a tent on the sidewalk.

My sister on the left, in her first trimester on this trip, slept on every Underground line in London. My husband on the right ducked out for a few minutes as well. The nice lady in the middle appears to be losing her patience. Perhaps they were snoring?

The Tower of London: on "my day" to choose the activities, we saw this famous imprisonment, torture, and execution site, and went on a nighttime guided tour of the Whitechapel area, where Jack the Ripper committed his famous murders. Sunshine and lollipops, that's me!

Waiting in line at the Tower (Jacob, my sister, and David L-R).

Our VERY enthusiastic Scottish Yeoman Warder Tower guide: I don't remember most of what he said, but I'll never forget his voice!

The very prestigious, dangerous, noble profession of guarding an empty telephone booth.

The White Tower - the oldest part of the Tower of London, begun in 1078. There are 3 rectangular turrets, and one round, which was designed to be an astronomy tower.

Did you know people still live there? They do, and they have lovely blue doors to make up for the fact that they must live with a veritable army of ghosts.

Cannons. Can't have a proper fortress without them.

Tower Bridge, as seen from one of the walkways between buildings.

Our Jack the Ripper tour began at Tower Hill tube station: I was actually hopping up and down with excitement waiting for this to start!

Simon, our guide, was disturbingly knowledgeable about all the minutiae of the crimes. He was highly entertaining.

One of the few murder sites that is relatively unchanged since the late 18th century.

There is so much more where this came from, so check back in tomorrow for Greenwich! It's cooler than you think.

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I love it. I could relive this trip over and over and over again. I LOVED it so, so much.

To anyone reading wondering if it is worth sacrificing your kidney, if necessary, to make it to London, or another such foreign place you've always wanted to go, IT IS! Do whatever you have to and GO!

So glad you had a great time!

Cell phone pics, or not, these pictures definitely made me feel like I was there. For some reason, the flyer seemed to be the most British thing of all.

Nope, wait, that lady on the underground's annoyed look is way more British.

Can't wait to see what comes next!