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In honor of my friend Mahreen, I thought I too would start the week off right with a list of things that have made me happy this weekend, as well as a super-fun first for my little blog.

(Don't skip to the end, though, or you'll miss a lot of good stuff!)

- If you stalk Facebook in addition to my blog, you may remember that I mentioned I found a fabulous porch swing on Craigslist (it's a copy of this one that I have coveted for many a year). Well, we bought it, and it's better than I ever hoped for! David put it up on Saturday, and the kids might love it more than I do. Actually, that is impossible. But they do love it.

- I also mentioned a cocktail dress, I believe? David's annual company awards banquet was Saturday night, and I managed to find a cute, modest, affordable, not-black dress which, if I do say so, I rocked pretty hard. David had a purple paisley tie, and oh - that shiny thing in his hand?

- See it? Okay. It's the top award from his company, and in addition to the crystal doodad, we won a 7-day Carribean cruise. No, I am not kidding. I'm kind of in shock. I hear cruises feature a lot of formal dinners and dancing - which is lucky, because you see I have this smashing cocktail dress...

- Downton Abbey. If you're not watching it, you should be. Delicious!

- Hand-me-downs. I got a huge bag from a friend yesterday and we struck gold! Awesome, even if it did double the amount of laundry this week.

- Birthdays. Saturday afternoon found me celebrating first anniversary of the legendary arrival of one of my favorite small people, and anticipating the imminent arrival of another friend's fourth little boy. (He still has not graced us with his presence, but it can't be much longer!) My sister will be finding out the flavor of her little belly resident tomorrow, my "other sister" is patiently cooking #5, and David's wonderful cousin just announced she's expecting her first. It's all just so exciting!

- Iris is a full-time potty user! As in, I gave away the diapers, that's my final answer, DONE! Can I get an amen?

- Today, I bought a length of rope, learned how to tie a bowline knot (YouTube saves the day again!), and because of my genius invention, Devlin was able to climb up and down our huge backyard tree unassisted for the first time! Well, actually, about the first 7 times, and it's a miracle he didn't break his arm because my little rope ladder attempt was not exactly seaworthy. Still some kinks to iron out, but seeing his shining face through the branches was priceless. His #1 wish for the "new house" when we moved was a climbing tree. Mission (halfway) accomplished.

- My cell phone no longer looks like a looted storefront window. The screen is fixed, and I got a pretty new skin so now it's as colorful as everything else in my house. If I could take a picture of my phone WITH MY PHONE, which is all I have at the moment, I would show you. (Apple, I challenge you to make that a feature of the next iPhone. Gauntlet thrown.)

- Eve is officially registered for kindergarten. Can this really be happening?

- Our mailbox broke this weekend, and we were able to find a replacement that cost only one arm, and does not resemble a shih tzu, a little red schoolhouse, or a Cowboys helmet. There is not a lot of good design going on in the mailbox market, I'm sorry to say.

- I won a blog giveaway last week, and my winnings arrived his afternoon. Mahreen really outdid herself. I wish I had been able to take pictures, I'm having significant technical difficulties in that area at the moment and besides - I really couldn't top hers. I won a copy of her family's favorite children's book, but the icing on the cake was the beautiful drawing her daughters created depicting Devlin building a robot, Eve reading a book and eating raisins (wearing pigtails!), and Iris riding her scooter. I mean, really, how thoughtful can one family be? My kids were gobsmacked, and so was I.

I was so touched that I decided to pay it forward. So, I hereby announce my very first giveaway! I had so many competing ideas of what to offer, so I decided to just make a nice little box full of some of my favorite things (so, you can expect jewelry, something that smells nice, chocolate, lovely reading material, and who knows what else!) I love writing here, I love documenting my life, I love connecting with all of you, so let's celebrate!

Leave a comment here to enter, and please introduce yourself if you haven't yet! I will leave the contest open until Friday, January 28th at 5 pm Mountain Standard Time. That gives me a few days to collect lots of nice goodies to share with the lucky recipient.

Maybe, just maybe, the winner will choose to pass the love along to someone else - and I know I'm just a big old hippie at heart, but I sure do hope the circle keeps on going.

What a wonderful world!

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Dude Rachel this is Mac. Cammy was just reading the blurb about Downton Abby and i had to snag the laptop and write my little Plug as well: This show is Freakin Pimp! i love it! I saw the commercials for it a while back and watched my first episode last night.... so dope. If anyone has the DVD's i need them now. please let me know....if you have it taped on your DVR i am coming over and bringing the popcorn! PS i wonder what secret Daisy holds. She keeps tripping about one room. i can't wait to finish series 1 so i can anticipate series 2 which has already been confirmed. I haven't been this psyched since Elisa Bennet walked on screen.

Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Pick me!

I want in on the contest! I'm Heather and I've known you since you were just a little quirky redhead. Well okay, a medium sized quirky redhead.

I love your blog!

I think I always comment on Facebook instead of here, but I love your blog. It reflects who you really are and is refreshing and real. <3

I want in, too! What fun! As for introductions...My name is Michelle, mom of 2, wife to a hubby almost done with school (less than 6 weeks...I hope) and then we are moving on to other adventures. I blog over at about affordable family fun.., If I could write as well as you, Rachel, my blog would be something completely different. You rock!

that swing? it deserves it's own security system, that's how awesome it is. And please, talk to David and see if he can find Mark a job where he works, but without us having to move to AZ (telecommuting it's called). Because I SO need to go on a cruise.

and oh, you are FUNNY. I just thought you should know.

I love the dress--where'd you find it? Not that I have any use for a cocktail dress right now...but it's fun to imagine.

I think I've been reading ever since my sling giveaway. I tracked your comment back and added you to my google reader and figured out that you know Jen B in Mesa.

Oh, please send me something happy in the mailbox. Cooking #5 is a rather treacherous business.

Well you know I love your blog so I'm in!! Should I write why I deserve to win?

I am loving how many good things are happening to you in just one month. I'm going to have to take a cue from your attitude and focus on all of the good things going on in my life. (Winning a giveaway, however, would be a great jumping off point for focusing on the Positive).

What a great post. Thanks for such a feel good entry. And hot DA*N you do look crazy good in that dress! Something about purple and redheads just really goes together. I'm lovin' the giveaway idea. I've thought about doing one some time too, but am afraid no one will enter. I guess there's nothing like a giveaway to determine who your real friends are ;). Thanks Rach!

Bah! Why the heck am I logged in as Greg????

BTW - he thinks you're pretty hot and sexy in your new dress too. Yuck! Can you just imagine your cousin saying that!

This is Tasha... obviously...

Rachel, Your blog inspires me each day. I love to read it because you are so great at expressing your thoughts and what is going on around you! Thanks for sharing with us. I really look forward to reading it each day! I am really hoping you can be bought with flattery! :) Just kidding, it is all true.

Downton Abby! Sigh.
And a cruise? I can't even imagine, but I am so thrilled that not only did your dh win it, but everyone at your house is weaned and potty trained, and you actually get to go! Someday...

Congrats to the hubby man for his award! Congrats to you for looking so hot in your cocktail dress!

Love all the updates!

pick me! pick me! :O)

Oh my goodness! I want them all to win! Whatever will you do, Rachel? So many deserving people!

I've got to watch that Downtown Abby show. It's 10 PM and Jake's been zonked out on the couch for a good half hour, poor guy. I'll see if I can't wake him up to watch an episode online.

Your dress is hot, the cruise and trophy is AWESOME, and I love the new swing. Very good week for you, I'd say. Way to spread the love.


Lots of fun details in that post! Congrats on the award! Fun reading...

I don't usually like to do the giveaway thing, but I love to read your blog, so why not? I'm so jealous of your trip to England that I may have to bite the bullet and try to get there sooner than later.

If I win I will probably never send the thank you card but always think of sending it until it becomes too late to send it and would only confuse you to receive it. So don't pick me, unless you enjoy tormenting me with thank you card guilt.

Awesome all around...especially when you pick ME for the giveaway! After all, no shipping required ;)

I love when my IRL friends become internet friends! (Hi Rixa!)


Dear Rachel,

I want to enter your contest. I love reading your blog and seeing all your pictures. You have the neatest way of putting things. I adore you, your kids, your blog and the idea of giving away a prize. I hope I win.

Okay, this is really Cammy here. Tell your random number to pick 1 or 23. :)

cute dress & holy cruise!

I love prizes... ;)

Hi, Rachel! I don't know you in real life, but found your blog from TBW long ago. Your writing is HILARIOUS and I enjoy your blog so much! Your outfits have inspired me to go buy some statement pieces with some real color (my closet is filled with brown, black, and brown these days). Keep it up!


love ya missy! Pick Me! :)

Rachel, I love reading your blog it always makes me smile. My name is Kim and I "met" Rachel while she was pregnant with Eve and I with Addison.

Wowee! Congratulations on the CRUISE! I would also be in shock ... but heck, I'd be in shock if I won THIS! So, let's hear it for shock! ;)

I'm Kim. I've been reading your blog for a while now. It's awesome. Please pick me as your winner. :)

Rachel! I'm actually one of David's cousins through his Dixon side, so it's fun to meet your little ones (and read your hilarious prose.) :)

I loved hearing about your favorite things. I especially love that swing and would probably borrow it if you lived closer. :) I'll let you pick me if you need to. I love your style. I think we just need to go shopping together sometime. :)

Ok, your supplication on the ten commandments post convinced me to enter. I didn't want to intrude because you don't know me, though I think I have commented once before. I'm a friend of Emily's. I saw your blog a few times and couldn't help coming back for more, more, and more! You've already heard this, but your writing is terrific and entertaining. I'm not sure what it is about your voice that keeps me coming back, but here I am! (Plus, your kids are adorable.) Anyway, I guess you can count me in too!

Pick me! I love stuff!:)

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I'd like to be picked, peas and carrots.

Just in time! I've been humming Sound of Music all afternoon.
I think you're awesome Rachel - always have!