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I have been having little New Year's resolution-type of thoughts bouncing around in my head this week (true to form, I haven't been bothered to make them for the traditional "first of January" deadline - rules, how arbitrary, who needs 'em?)

And as it turns out, I think I really have *one* resolution, and several facets, or ways to flesh it out. For my benefit and yours (but mostly mine, let's be real), I hereby proclaim that 2011 shall be the year of forging connections.

- I resolve to laugh more. Nothing bonds people like sharing hiccuping, snorting, rip roaring hilarity. I think everyone in my household and my life would benefit tremendously from me letting my guard down more and chilling out a little. More than a little. In the moments when I am stressed, angry, out of control, and literally want to bite someone, that is when some part of me knows that cracking up laughing is the only way out - I just need that part to win the battle much more often!

- I resolve to continue building my blog, finding more ways to reach people through this medium, finding my voice, and offering what I have to say to as many people as want to hear it. I've challenged myself to write here every weekday for the last 3 months, and I love the results! I've made the beginnings of some wonderful new friendships, and I hope that I can lay some groundwork here for opportunities for myself in the future in an occupation that I truly love: writing!

- I resolve to connect to society, the world around me, and the past, present, and future, by reading a real, actual book every week. I love to read, this is a reasonable goal for me - I just need to spend less time on Facebook and more time putting my reading energies toward something quantifiable and edifying. (Last week I read Zeitoun. I'm currently in the middle of Cheap and The Digital Photography Book. Now taking suggestions for February through December in comments!).

Reading a gorgeous piece of poetry, or a breathtaking short story, or a blast of a novel are exhilarating, eye-opening, shared experiences that we as human beings can have in common. Last week in Westminster Abbey, I stood on the monument stone dedicated to Dylan Thomas. I read the unspeakably beautiful last lines of Fern Hill written on the floor where millions of other feet have walked, and I'm sure my tears were not the first to fall there. The experience of being lifted to a higher plane by a handful of elegant, simple words, artfully formed, is one of life's purest pleasures and something I want much more of this year.

- I resolve to be a better wifey. I've gained a lot of ground as a happy mother, and I think the year of my tenth wedding anniversary is a fortuitous time to renew my commitment to the man I met when I was 16, married at 20, and now love more than ever because it's *real*, Velveteen-Rabbit style. The anchor to my sailboat, the Dude to my Walter, my partner, my sous chef, my one true love.

Let's kick off the next decade with a bang, shall we?

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Go you!

Sounds like a good plan to me!

Yea! I love this!

Let me know which books you recommend. I tend to be very selective and generally need a bit of coaxing to read, so send me the juiciest!