Why I loved today

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, January 21, 2011 at 7:24 PM


- When we all woke up today, Eve was looking very pale and complaining of a tummy ache. So we got Devlin off to school and then all the girls put on a Backyardigans DVD and laid on the couch in our jammies for a couple of hours until she perked up.

- While we vegged, I napped while snuggling on the couch first with one daughter, then the other. It was heavenly after the pace of this week, and the pace of the day I know is coming tomorrow (work meeting, birthday party, cocktail dinner, oh my!)

- I cleaned the kitchen, top to bottom, back to front, side to side. I went through 2 Magic Erasers. (I did this because someone was coming over later tonight to give us a quote on refacing our cabinets. So my logic was: cabinets are old and ugly --->guy coming over is paid to say my cabinets are old and ugly--->I must spend 2 hours making sure they are old, ugly, and IMMACULATE.) But it was very satisfying!

- Eve spent the baby's entire naptime doing puzzles. This is fantastic because a) they are quiet b) the purpose of a puzzle is to put something together, not scatter it to kingdom come c) she can do them herself (while I, say, clean my grout with a toothbrush) and d) apparently she works better in the nude. Always entertaining.

- Orange tulips.

- Kitchen Remodeler Man came over, and the estimate he gave for refacing the cabinets was double our best guess. Eh. Who cares? We'll figure something out.

- I put up some beautiful decorative items in my kitchen, and in the process put three nails completely through one of my cabinets (remember them? they're old and ugly, as of this morning they are immaculate, and as of this afternoon they have three tiny holes and nails poking in dangerously close to my powdered sugar and garam masala). My wonderful husband just laughed and hugged me. I think he kind of likes it when I do stupid things.

- I'm not blogging the rest of London today, I'm doing this happy little post and then I'm going to hang out with my man and start planning our tenth anniversary trip this summer.

- I cheated out of Frocking Friday (actually, I was in my pajamas most of the day and by the time I finally changed out of them I sort of forgot what day it was) but I will make up for it tomorrow because I will be going to a very fancy dinner and I have a cocktail dress. It is purple. It is awesome. I will show you.

See you Monday!

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This is, indeed, a very happy post. But I didn't notice that Eve was naked until you mentioned it.

Maybe that's why she won't let me cut her hair...

Exciting life = reason to own a purple coctail dress. Have fun.

I love happy posts, and knowing that someone else has put holes in things that shouldn't have holes in them. I want immaculate cupboards. Perhaps I should work on that.

Yea! What a great post. I couldn't tell Evie's little "nude" secret til you mentioned it either. Ha! Can't wait to see your fabulous self all dolled up for the party tonight! I'm SO excited for you!

besides our babies not feeling good, those really are the BEST days! We had one of those days yesterday with sick Chantelle. Oh wait...now that I think of it, I'm still in my pj's and it's Saturday. hmmmm....