Juice and Couture

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, February 11, 2011 at 6:41 PM


I thought of another bad habit of mine: I simply, positively, hate to only do one thing at a time. My brain just will not be quiet. (Sounds like I need to work less on my headstands and more on my meditation, right?)

When I was a little girl, I read the cereal box while I ate breakfast. Now I clean the mirror while I brush my teeth, fold laundry while I catch up on Project Runway, read books at stoplights (I know, I know)...

...and browse through my brand new In Style magazine while juicing 6 interminable bags of oranges. (Can you spot it?)

On a related note, can I just take a moment and say how glad I am that everyone seems to have come out of their low-rise denim madness and embraced a multitude of styles? In this issue it detailed how to wear trouser, cropped, boyfriend, high-waist, flared, *and* skinny jeans, as if they were all valid options. Can I get an amen?

Blog challenge #5: A picture of somewhere you've been to

Well now, let's see - there was the small matter of me going to London a few weeks ago. I'm sure you remember that. Behold, my yellow jacket and red scarf and gloves! (Also, the Tower of London in the background.)

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Yes. AMEN to higher waists!

AMEN. low rise jeans=love handles on everyone.

oops. last comment was by me. I didnt realize my husband was logged in

I was going to say - Rick, I didn't realize you had such a strong opinion on this matter! :)

So cute, Rachel. You may be worse than me in tackling 2+ tasks at once. It is so hard for me to JUST sit and watch a show: I have to be crocheting or doing my nails or browsing for crib bedding . . . and so on.

Hooray! I love fresh squeezed OJ. Send me some. :) he he. Happy V and B day. :) Double duty. Did you get my text?

wow! a sister chronic multi-tasker and cereal box reader! YAHOO!

rick had me wondering too. i was all "dude, hope your wife/girlfriend doesn't read that"

i prefer no waists...or at least no structured waists. yoga pants for me all the way.