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Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 9:13 PM


On Wednesday mornings, I take Devlin to school at 7:30, in my pajamas. Sometimes I wear my slippers, which have Eeyore on the toes. The girls usually stay home with their daddy and eat their toast and bananas. I have to promise not to listen to our Junie B. Jones audiobook without them. Every day.

When I come home, I get as ready as I can in between breakfast dishes, making beds, and reading at least 4 library books to the girls (I always make it out of my Eeyore slippers - everything else is negotiable). I drop Eve off at preschool, and Iris and I are off on a 3-hour adventure, just the two of us.

We go "treasure hunting", which means the Goodwill on the way to the library. I have to be sure to remember quarters so we can get Mike and Ikes out of the vending machine (only I get Hot Tamales so I don't have to share). We walk around and browse for awhile, carefully avoiding the toy section (whatever I succumb and buy is sure to be moldy, broken, or both), and then at 10 when the library opens we head over for story time.

My standards must have slipped considerably, because I find this event legitimately enjoyable, without a hint of irony. We listen to Sheri read books like The Napping House, and Hondo and Fabian, and Hi, Pizza Man. We sing songs, we do finger plays, we look for Little Cat behind ten-gallon hats of various colors.

Today, Sheri kicked it up a notch and made crepe paper Tigger tails for all the storytime kids.

Iris, bless her heart, was first.in.line to get hers tucked into her waistband, and when the music came on, she crouched way down, launched her considerable mass into the air, and came down with a tremendous BOOM! Over and over and over.

She twirled drunkenly and whirled dervishly (it helps if you stick your tongue out, apparently).

Ashes, ashes...

we all fall down!

Blog Challenge Day 9: Something you're proud of the past few days

I worked out today, even though I didn't want to and it was *really* hard. I am doing it mainly so that I can rock the resort wear on my anniversary cruise this summer. What's in it for me, that's what I always say!

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SO fun! Isn't it nice the alone time you get with each of your kids? Sounds like an AWESOME storytime for the kids.

Way to go working out! I have a friend that used to say out loud, repeatedly when exercising got really hard: "nopainnogain, nopainnogain, nopainnogain!!"--it still makes me laugh to think about. And it's so true!