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As of this writing, 76 Facebook friends have wished me a fabulous birthday, fantastic birthday, happy birthday, or some variation thereof.

Unfortunately, today was day NINE of one or more children who are just sick enough to have to stay home from school, church, the gym, or any other outfit that might give me a moment to myself, but not sick enough to lay down on the couch like good little zombies. They're ornery, they're antagonistic, they're hungry, tired, not hungry, cold, bored, mommommommommommommomMOMMOMMOMMOMMOMMOM. They're on a mission, that mission is to drive me certifiably out of my mind, and they get a 9.9 from the East German judge.

I'm feeling just the littlest bit better after eating two donuts, taking my birthday money to Home Goods, and buying the entire decorative pillow department, but I think for the safety of my innocent readers I'm going to keep it short and sweet tonight.

Happy Valentine's Day from my sick, whiny, grouchy kids and me!

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my child that has gotten out of her bed 1,265,346 times tonight [naughty] just discovered her sweet valentine from evie & she absolutely LOVED it. *thank you.

sick kids on birthdays = no bueno. i hope you & your cute pillows have a relaxing rest of the week. ♥

Oh, I want to see the pillows.

Thanks for the was much loved and appreciated.

I'm so sorry the sickness just won't go away!

That is not awesome. Hope you had a Happy Birthday because of the pillows at least. I am up now at 330 am, pumping milk for my baby who decided she had to wake up 1 hour earlier than usual.

I had such a great time on Sunday celebrating your 30th. Oops! Is that okay to say? What a sweet Valentine you are to me each year. Love ya!

Hey Rachel. Isn't mom's comment adorable? She's so cute.

I'm glad today is going better. You are awesome and this is going to be a fabulous year for you! You make Valentine's Day a little more special for all of us!


Our Valentine's Day was as sickly as yours. Hope everyone is feeling better. You deserve a rain check for your birthday!!