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Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, February 28, 2011 at 8:35 PM


I promised you photos of my guest bath update.

It's not done, of course, because nothing is ever "done" around here, but it's as done as it's going to get today, so here you go. I have painted, hung a couple of little things on the walls, and am hard at work on the light fixtures. David very nearly electrocuted himself changing the almond switches and plates to white ones. (It was worth it.)

In exchange for the sneak peek, I have a few questions. Maybe you can help me.

1. Is it weird to hang artwork in the bathroom? Like, if you were sitting on my toilet and staring at artwork on the wall directly across from you, would you be creeped out? I want artwork absolutely everywhere, but it occurs to me that maybe I am abnormal in this regard. (I already know myself to be abnormal in many other regards, thank you.)

2. Speaking of the light fixtures: why would a person install a light in a room, then cover that light with a BROWN SHADE so that it does not provide any illumination benefit?

3. And where the sam hill does a girl go to get chandelier size lampshades, anyway? I can now tell you about 8 places that you cannot buy them (Michaels, 3 different Targets, Anthropologie, and Home Goods) I don't want to order online because I am paranoid they won't fit or look good (based on the experience I've had so far, this is a very likely scenario). Anyone? Bueller?

4. What do you suppose that yellow stain is on the right side of my counter? Maybe a camel peed in the "sands of time"? I can tell you that the hand of God himself couldn't get it off. Whoops, looks like I need a new countertop!

5. Why do I love this blue/green/gray color so much? I just got a (free) lamp that color too. Help!

6. So, do you like it?

Blog challenge catch-up:

Day 15: iPod shuffle first 10 songs:

1. Drive In Drive Out, Dave Matthews Band
2. The Climb, No Doubt
3. You're Only Human, Billy Joel
(why does my iPod like the worst song on every album?)
4. Turn Me On, Norah Jones
(that's better)
5. Dory, Grizzly Bear
6. Blood of Eden, Peter Gabriel
7. Buddy Holly, Weezer
8. Schism, Tool
9. Manchild, The Eels
10. Hallelujah Chorus, George Frederic Handel

Day 16: Another picture of yourself:

This is Iris and I at the library a couple of weeks ago, on a rare lovely cold day:

Day 17: Someone I would want to switch lives with for a day and why?

I think I would switch places with my younger self for a day, just so I could give her some perspective, and give my present self a good laugh!

Day 18: Plans/goals/dreams you have?

I want to finish college, with a degree in music. Maybe conducting? Vocal performance? I've got time to figure it out, because I have to wait until David finishes before I can get started.

I want to get my IBCLC. Sooner than later.

I dream of the fun things and beautiful memories I will make with my family as they grow. I love them so much now, and it only gets better as time goes by. I look forward to having older children, then teenagers, then adult children. And yet, I also never want Iris to get a day older. What's a mama to do?

I want to put a winding concrete path around the backyard so my kids can race their bikes and scooters around it.

I want to have chickens.

I want to travel. More.

I want to write, and have lots of people read it.

Day 19: Nicknames you have, and why you have them:

The Wizzle: This is my Blogger handle here, and my license plate. When I explain it to people, I always start with "you know Snoop Dogg?" If they say no, I usually just give up there. If they say yes, I remind them of his short-lived but hilarious TV show, Doggy Fizzle Televizzle, where everything is renamed, rapper-style, by taking the first letter and tacking -izzle on the end. Wife ----> Wizzle.

My parents call me Lovey. I, um, love it.

Day 20: Someone you see yourself marrying or being with in the future:

I would say this even if he didn't read my blog (and really, how sad would I be if my own husband didn't even read my blog?) but I cannot and do not want to imagine my life married to anyone else. We have grown and changed so much since we met when we were 15 years old, but we grow together and we grow closer and I definitely, definitely made the right choice.

Day 21: a picture of something that makes you happy:

I read The Sartorialist (you should too) and he posted this photo last week. I am totally in love: the girl, her dress, her lips, her darling little valise, the boots, the colors, the city. I just want to slide right in there.

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I love that color...it's lovely.
Thanks for explaining the Wizzle, I was quite curious about it.
Oh, and I think artwork in the bathroom is totally ok. Go for it.

Yes! Hang artwork in the bathroom!

Oh my gosh, I love your writing. I'd buy it, the fashion, the style, the boldness of it all. And, I'm sorry about the camel pee.

Me too, Laura. Me too.

YES! Artwork in the bathroom! Anything to lift our minds out of the, uh, other business that happens in there. That place, like a laundry room (for the same reason), could do with special attention in my book.

I LOVE the color in there. LOVE it. And those lampshades, I agree, have gotta go. I'm looking up ideas for you and I'll be on the lookout here, too.

Have you thought about this? http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40163882

Ah! Or this, which also comes in a 9" option:

Or this, which comes in 6 or 9":

Ooh! This one's even cheaper!!

Good luck!!

Cute! Color is fabulous. But I have a possibility about the yellow stain. I actually have the same stain on my white counter but mine is from my hair straightener and curling iron. Instead of brown color like a burn they make it yellow for some reason. But I'm always up for new countertops...especially at my house. ;)

The only issue with art in the bathroom is that you need to be careful of moisture. Don't put any watercolors in there, stick to prints, and watch for warping and/or mold. Canvas isn't a good idea either. (Framing experience talking.)

I LOOOOVE the color! It's gorgeous.

Is it possible that the mark on your counter is a burn? Maybe the former owner left their hot rollers or curling iron there.

I love your house. It's just so lovely and comfortable looking. I feel like I could just move right in.

I think artwork in the bathroom totally works. It's a great alternative to a magazine rack. :) Unless, of course, that artwork is my Grandmother's statue of David that did and does still stare at me creepily while I'm on the pot.

I love that color too. Way to get it done!

#3: Try Home Depot or Lowes for tiny lamp shades. They sell all kinds of fixtures.

My readers are so smart. Seriously, you all just solved my yellow stain problem that has been puzzling David and I for months! I'm sure that's it. That random little counter ledge would be perfect to put a hot styling tool down on (I don't know what else you would do with it!) All us short-hairs don't have any so I didn't think of it.

I'm heading to Target to return the too-small and too-big lampshades this afternoon, so maybe if I get really lucky we'll all get to see a finished-for-now bathroom tonight!

I really liked this post. I enjoy your nickname, your sentiments about you and David pretty much sums up how I feel about my boy, I love that shot (and almost everything else on the sartorialist), and I'm now wishing I could grow my backyard to make it big enough for a bike and scooter path for my kiddos. Win!