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So, I've been very busy, happily feathering my little nest in preparation for our party this weekend. I'm not going to spill all the beans quite yet, but here's a couple of photos of some of the more notable acquisitions (if you gave me birthday money, chances are it has been sunk into one or more of these items!)

The girls and I love to sit and read books on this blue couch, and now we have somewhere to rest our feet while we do it! The ottoman also doubles as a two-seater canoe for my adventurous little girls. And even David concedes that the decorative pillows do, in fact, "tie it all together":

I had lots, lots more pillows. But they have to go back.

Want to know why?

Because it turns out that my tea towels have a big brother. And now he belongs to me:

It's colorful, it's gorgeous, it's cotton permeated with Teflon. Sounds like a perfect fit for my colorful, messy family!

Blog challenge catch-up:

Day 6: Favorite superhero and why:

I spend a lot of time mocking comic books (sorry - graphic novels, I think?) but I'll say a toss-up between Harry Potter and Jack Bauer. They're superheroes, aren't they?

Day 7: A picture of someone or something that has influenced you:

I'm not going to do any family members because there is a day for that later, so let's go with this set of books. Standin' Tall - did anyone else have these as a kid? My sister and I spent so.many.hours listening to these, and I think every child can benefit from a healthy dose of indoctrination in obedience, honesty, forgiveness, work, courage, happiness, gratitude, love, service, cleanliness, self-esteem, and dependability.

Day 8: Short term goals for this month:

Well, that's easy. Host this party. Will be accomplished, one way or another, by Saturday.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go scrub my shower in case anyone, you know, needs to use it during the housewarming.

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that was awesome. How you hit all those days, showed off your decorating. A truly multitasked blog. Good luck on all.

Dang..I did it again. Rick needs to sign out!


jack bauer is [so] a super hero. :)

love the new decor additions. :)

We had the Standin' Tall tapes at our house and I LOVE them to this day. I have plans to buy a set of the updated CDs for my kiddos once they are old enough to care. Mike, on the other hand, can't stand them and always makes fun of them. Guess he didn't grow up with them! He'll learn to love them when the kids are listening to them constantly :) Which one was your favorite? Mine was Love or Cleanlines and my sister's is Self-Esteem.

Oh Rach- I LOVE the Standin' Tall series...I'm just waiting for the perfect time to drop $240 on that set!! I just loved those as a kid. I still remember a LOT of the songs too. Did you do Safety Kids too? Those were great!

Hmmmm...I can't say I remember every single one, but I remember Forgiveness and Happiness being my favorites. And I totally know what you mean about just having to "grow up" with some things - you cant get into them as an adult!

And we can't forget "The Power of . . " books from the garage sale! I remember listening to those tapes every night before bed. I still know crazy things like how Ronald Reagan saved 77 people from drowning lifeguarding and that Walt Disney was going to name Mickey Mouse "Mortimer" until his wife Lillian suggested the former. All in all, not a bad thing to have be such an influence, huh?

And I LOVE the pictures of the new additions! Thank you for the teaser! I totally agree with David that the pillows and ottoman tie together well, and they're funky and stylish like you are. Am I crazy to think I could also go for a large floor rug with black, white, orange, and navy?

I totally see the family resemblance in the tea towels and your tablecloth! I hope it stays as yummy as your towels do! I love how colorful you are.

Emily, the only reason I didn't use those books was that I couldn't google and find them! I loved those too, for sure.

(And I totally remember Mortimer Mouse! And That Bob Hope's real name was Leslie.)

so i just saw your comment on laura's post about me that it was you who bought those curtains from raquel this morning. what a small world, seriously. i've seen your comments in various places before but didn't put two and two together :)

it was lovely to meet you (briefly)! so fun to make a real-life/blogging connection. you looked adorable and your daughter was so cute too.

also, your house looks awesome.

Looks great and I wish we lived closer. You brought back memories with the Standin Tall. We used to listern to them at my Grandma's house. :)