Well, this should be easy

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 9:48 PM


Day #4: a habit you wish you didn't have

- I bite my nails. Yes, STILL. I figure I am almost 30 and if I still do it we might as well stop pretending I'm ever going to quit. Also, you pointing it out to me does not help. I know I do it, I have nerve endings.


- I am completely anal about my skin looking perfect all the time. I am so vain and I hate to go out if I don't have makeup on because people will know my skin isn't actually perfect. This is so silly and stupid, and I know it, and yet this is what I think.

- I spend a lot of time planning for contingencies and situations that don't ever materialize. I've gotten better about this, simply because with three small children my time and brain cells are more and more valuable and I have to be stingy with my mental energy. Go ahead and ask David some time how long I house hunted before we actually moved. (I'll give you a hint: think in terms of YEARS.)

- I build things up in my mind to be much harder and more intimidating than they actually are. See: using a sewing machine, planting a garden, mopping the kitchen, having the kids' friends over.

I think that's enough for one night. I don't really like focusing on my negative qualities. If I forgot anything important, I trust you all to bring it to my attention!

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You're so cute, Rachel.

I used to bite my nails--you know this. I don't anymore, but I'm still preoccupied with them in one form or another. If my hands need something to do, they'll mess with my nails.

I'm vain, too, but I'm surprised to hear you'd think so of yourself. In my opinion, not wanting others to see our zits doesn't classify us as vain. I'll otherwise go out without makeup--bare lashes and all--but honestly, no cover-up? My use of concealer is a public service!!

And we all know this fixation on things is a family trait. Having a baby has given me much to fixate on: crib bedding (currently #1), nursery furniture, car seats, strollers, names--it's wonderful and terrible all at the same time!

I wish, i was more picky about the way I looked in public. If i were a celbrity I would constantly dot the covers of "look whose not wearing makeup" And I've gone to the store in my pjs. They were matching though, a really cute set.

I've been reading your blog for a while now. I'm a little redheaded Mom too, but I've got just one little girl.

I'm so there with you. I blow things up way out of proportion. I end up not starting, or even worse, starting and then not finishing things because the next step is "too hard".

You are NOT alone!

um, i'm realizing we may be one in the same. or at least related.