With a little help from my friends

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(Sorry, Beatles fans - Joe Cocker does the definitive version of this song!)


Day #3 of my blog challenge dictates that I post a picture of myself and my friends, which I am delighted to do.

Firstly, I present David and I with 4 of our greatest friends, Jacob and Gretta Hansen (sadly, for us, dearly departed to Utah) and Brennan and Ashlea Allen. We met the Hansens when we lived in our old house and they lived in the apartments across the street. We called them the first time to see if they wanted to hang out, and Gretta said, rather sheepishly, that they had a TV show on Thursday nights that they simply couldn't miss. I suggested they come watch it at our place, which they did - and thus began my addiction to The Apprentice and the Hansens.

(Capitalist Champion Jacob and Bleeding Heart Rachel watching The Apprentice together makes for some mighty fine entertainment, just by the way. Luckily he's so nice that you can't possibly be mad at him ever for anything, no matter what the politics are.)

The Allens were friends of the Hansens, and they quickly became friends of ours. They've got a darling baby girl now and are as sassy and sarcastic as ever, which is why we love them.

Next, a photo of my choir, Cantilena. Obviously, this is not a recent shot - I'm pregnant and was in the middle of growing out my hair. I love these people, and I love the privilege I have to perform amazing music every week - I literally come home from every rehearsal thinking "I just LOVE to sing!"

And lastly (for now - day 11 brings more of the same) I give you a photo from my baby shower a couple of weeks before Iris was born. Left to right: Susan, Kim, me, and Noelia. Incidentally, everyone in this photo now has one more baby, and everyone also now has shorter hair! I met Kim and Susan when we all worked together at BESTFed many years ago when we all just had one little boy each! Noelia moved here from Maryland a couple of years ago, and well, all us redheaded homebirthing moms get to know each other eventually.

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I agree, Joe Cocker's version is the best!