Fortuitious Little Happy Happenstances

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, March 7, 2011 at 8:21 PM


Reference, anyone?

I've got a few more ranty letters up my sleeve, but they can wait until tomorrow. Today, you get a few little golden moments from my weekend.

Eve turned 5. She had a little family birthday dinner Sunday night, and I just absolutely love hosting my big, beautiful family in my home. I swept, I mopped, I ironed my tablecloth, I made twice as much food as I should have.

Granhopper is home! Can you spot her?

I made fruit pizzas for the "cake" and I think they are probably the most beautiful thing I have ever created. Except for my children.

Eve wanted Belle on hers, so that's what she got. (Try not to focus on the fact that her face looks like she was involved in some kind of nuclear accident.) Notice the number 5 written in blueberries:

Speaking of Eve, she and I had a very interesting conversation today. It went a little something like this:

Eve: How do you say "pork" in Spanish?

Me: The pork like we get at Chipotle on our tacos is called "carnitas". It comes from "carne", and it means "little meat". It's a diminutive, like Evie.

E: How do you say my name in Spanish?

M: Eva, or the diminutive would be Evita.

E: How do you say Buddha in Spanish?


M: Well, not every name has an equivalent in other languages. Buddha is a very famous person, and I think his name is probably just sort of...his name.

E: Yeah, just a name. A name for people who are statues!

(She is currently spending her first night in foam curlers. I solemnly swear to take a picture tomorrow morning.)

And last but not least: we were driving home this afternoon from some boring errands, on our way to do some boring homework and housework, respectively. It had been such a gorgeous day, just an absolute gift: clear, sunny, breezy, and fresh. We turned down Ivy Street as we neared our house, and as we were driving past the park, Devlin shot bolt upright in his seat and shouted "MOM, A KITE!"

Kite days are few and far between here. Usually, if it's windy, it's also raining or threatening to rain. Today was a day that was made for kite flying. We don't have a kite. But some guy at the park did, so we hit the brakes, pulled into the parking lot, and chased him down en masse.

Luckily, he was incredibly friendly and gracious and was very happy to let all my kids take a turn flying his beautiful kite. He told me his father had made it 30 years ago in Argentina, and it was truly a masterpiece. It was so big that I had to help Iris hold on to the spool - I think it would have taken her right off the ground (and that is no easy feat!)

You can have all the plans you want, but when the wind is just right you have to put them on hold and, literally, fly a kite.

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it was the most beautiful day! i'm glad someone got to fly a kite, 'cause it was the perf weather for it.

thanks for havin' us. it was a fun party for a cute girlie.

and, that party pretty much looks amazing.
Happy 5, Eve!!!

Emily Childers for the win! I thought I was probably the only person still living who was familiar with The Happiest Millionaire. Well, not counting my mom and sister. They could sing it with me in three part harmony!

"Sometimes castles fall to the ground, but that's where four-leaf clovers are found." I have the song in my head now!

"Let's go fly a kite!" So much fun! Way to go--seizing the moment.

Those fruit pizzas look delicious. I want some. Make it happen, please. That is all. :)

The party was great...and that picture of me...isn't. Hahaha. And I can't wait to see Eve in the morning!