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Eve is 5 years old today. I hardly know what to do with myself. Where does the time go?

When I see her sleeping at night, her face is completely relaxed and I see flashes of this sweet little hours-old Eve baby:

That was, incidentally, the last time she was that peaceful.

Eve was the cruise director today. She got to pick breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She chose the stories we read and our listening material in the car.

(And can I just say that I kind of wish it was someone's birthday every day? Because there is no fuss whatsoever when I say "Let's let Eve choose the music; it's her birthday." You just can't argue with that, not even if you are Iris. Clean, simple, DONE. Birthday Person is the boss.)

So we started the day off right with Eve's new favorite food: oatmeal.

I know, right? Oatmeal? How could anyone possibly have such a strong opinion on the subject? Oatmeal is synonymous with beige, boring, vanilla, milktoast, meh. I actually halfway think that she only loves it so much because I was expecting her to hate it.

(We had homemade orange julius too. I'm not all boring!)

Easy Peasy Non-Mushy Oatmeal:

Start right before bedtime. Unless you go to bed early, then I don't know what to do with you.

Heat one tablespoon butter or coconut oil in large saute pan or skillet with lid. Toast one cup steel cut oats in fat, about 5 minutes over medium-high heat. Add 4 cups water, bring to rolling boil. Turn off heat, cover, and let sit overnight.

In the morning, reheat oats right there in the same pan (told you, easy) and add a little salt (maybe a teaspoon? I don't measure, just to taste), a couple of tablespoons-ish brown sugar, milk or cream to desired consistency, and if Eve is your daughter then you probably better go ahead and put a little cinnamon sugar on top too.

After we dropped Devlin off at school, and read 10 or 15 library books of Her Royal Highness's choosing, we opened her first present, and the only one she will get before her family party Sunday night.

A curling iron.

I won't say she loved the process, but she did love the result - she is no dummy and she knew good and well she looked beautiful! Time will tell if she learns to tolerate having her hair styled any better. What I think would be most helpful is an IV infusion of detangler, but I'm not exactly sure how to make that happen.

Once she looked as well as acted the part of princess, we loaded the girls into the car for a Very Special Outing. Since the girls started dance lessons two months ago, I have been making them both wear one pair of ballet shoes. They are too small for Eve, too big for Iris, and they came out of the "free" bin at Jeanne's School of Dance when Eve was there last year. It occurs to me that, while a frugal option, this might have been a little draconian and since both girls look to be in it for the long haul I should probably spring for some actual shoes that fit.

Maybe even a pair for each child.

So we paid a visit to Barry's Capezio, where what seems like lifetimes ago I was fitted for my very first pair of pointe shoes. I'm not going to lie: I was walking on air when I walked through the door with one gorgeous girl holding each hand and so many memories came flooding back. My body definitely cannot perform with any semblance of its former grace and power, but I am still a dancer in my heart!

And so, it would seem, are my girls. Eve got shoes that fit on the first try, because her feet are normal. Iris had to go a little farther up in the "width" alphabet - like, as far as they go - and every time a shoe had to be removed from her fat little foot so we could try another size, she clutched at her toes, wailed "Noooo, dis one fine!" and wept sad, fat little tears. When we finally found a winner, we took them off to take them to the register and the waterworks started again...

...until Barry handed the girls down a bag containing two pairs of beautiful, buttery soft leather slippers. Eve took out her pair, gave the other to Iris, and matter-of-factly plunked the shopping bag back down on the counter. They walked from the store, clutching their new shoes like favorite dolls, and stayed that way for the next two hours in the car.

You can see Eve in the back there actually embracing her pair. That is dedication.

We got Devlin out of school early, picked up David from the airport:

and had lunch at the Short Leash Hot Dog cart. I had the Aiko, featuring a beer hot sausage topped with mango chutney, jalapenos, mayo, red onions, and cilantro, wrapped in a pita. WHOA.

Oh yeah, and a tub full of boutique soda never hurt anything either:

There was a line, but a wait is very enjoyable when you get to spend the time watching this girl dancing to the buskers:

Eve insisted all week she was getting a "plain hot dog", but at the moment of truth, she threw caution to the wind and got a plain hot dog...

...with ketchup. I think she liked it.

Iris got what Devlin got, because that's what she does.


I had a nap in here somewhere, because it turns out that not even doubling one's caffeine intake can entirely compensate for a straight week during which you can count your nightly hours of sleep on one hand. I don't sleep well without David in the house.

Luckily, I'm not the only one around here with reading-aloud skills:

I personally thought this was quite enough action for one day, but Devlin's school carnival was also tonight and I couldn't very well skip out on that. We had hot dogs again for dinner, although it must be said that there is no way the heavenly concoction I had for lunch and the flaccid boiled tasteless lump I had for dinner can both be called "hot dogs".

It was great fun, although Eve did get one other little present:

A bruise on her right cheek neatly matching the sole of her father's shoe, where her face met his foot at the bottom of the giant inflatable slide. Strangely, while ant bites give her literally months of discomfort, she was a really good sport about this one.

Shows you how much I know, right?

Happy birthday, to the girl who will always and forever keep me guessing.

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what a sweet day! happy birthday evie! it's hard to believe how fast the time has flown. beautiful then, beautiful now. ♥

Oh happy day! So sorry about the little mishap at the carnival...I'm sure they both felt terrible. Can't wait to see you.

Happy birthday Eve! Rohan will be turning 5 on Thursday and we still remember our born in march buddies around this time every year.
Rachel - even your lunch is glamourous, just like you.

It looks like the bruise decided to fade overnight, so our birthday girl will not be attending her party looking like a rowdy hockey player.

OH this is so, so sweet! I think the story of those girls getting their ballet shoes has to be one of the most tender, darling stories I have ever heard. Iris' little cries at them taking them off and both of them clutching the shoes all the way home . . . I CAN'T TAKE IT!! What a treasure their mom has given them. I hope those shoes will bring them as much joy and memories dancing in them as ours did for us. There is nothing like dancing.

Sweet little Evie--5 years old! I can't believe it. That was one of the happiest days for me--March 4, 2006. A new niece and a new sister-in-law all on the same day and I just HAPPENED to be in town for those 12 hours to see it. You were so gracious to let us all visit that day after just giving birth. There is NOTHING like a newborn the day she arrives. She was such a little angel. The memory seems to not have faded in the slightest.

Happy, happy birthday my darling little Eve! Auntie Em and Uncle Jake love you with ALL THEIR HEARTS!

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Oh my goodness. I love this post. Happy Birthday sweet eve. :)

What a fun birthday celebration! I love doing special days like that for my kids. It is exhausting though, isn't it? I love the way you write! You are truly talented!