In His Own Good Time

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 at 7:55 PM


Please forgive my absence. I have been sick and have literally only left the couch to upload this blog fodder.

Devlin will be eight years old in September. He is becoming a young man (well, little by little.) He is learning and growing, at home and at school. He can tell you all about the Orion nebula or about capacitance and resistance, and we are working on more subtle, difficult things like how to be nice to his sisters and how to not eat like a bulldog with a jaw full of novocaine.

Yes, he is growing up.

But, until recently, there were two large, unsightly blemishes on the bloom of his young happy life (from his point of view, anyway): he was still in pull-ups at night, and he still had training wheels on his bike.

We have been happy to let him develop at his own pace, but a few weeks ago Dev brought the bedwetting issue to our attention. He was ready to see if we could do something about it. So after (what else?) a few hours of online research, we ordered this system and he was so on board.

I cannot believe I am about to say this, but this morning he woke up dry for the 14th straight time. According to the literature, the next step is to use the alarm every other night for the next two weeks, and then we can consider him entirely graduated!

(Would it be weird to throw the alarm system up on Craigslist? Because that sucker was not cheap.


Kind of.)

The other major development was that two days ago, Devlin out of the clear blue asked to have the training wheels taken off his bike. David has been working all hours, and so I made my best effort but the deed was finally done when he had a couple of free hours tonight (let me just say: apparently you have better success if you use a metric wrench for a metric bolt. Who knew?)

Dev does not tend to deal well with frustration, discouragement, or losing in general, so we have talked at length about how many times one might expect to fall off one's bike as one is learning to ride. I have been approaching this moment with one eye shut, knowing there were going to be tears, rage, and self-flagellation as he struggled to find his balance.

Behold, I give you his very first EVER attempt on two wheels:

Devlin, I hereby dub thee a Real Boy!

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Thanks for sharing the video. Riding a bike gives them such a sense of independence. Go Dev!

"Go get Mom. She HAS to see this." Precious!

Dude, that IS awesome! That video made me so happy and I don't even know him. I felt like a proud momma watching him go!

Congrats Dev!!! I love his determination. He appears to be the kind to accomplish what he sets his mind to. That's awesome!!!

I can sure sympathize with you about the diapers at bedtime. It seemed that Jacob would be wearing them forever until he noticed his younger brother wasn't wearing them to bed. Nothing gives a kid more determination than a little competition!! He seriously changed overnight! It was all about when he was ready on his own. My sis had the same prob w/her now 10 year old and she purchased a used potty pager so don't be shy about reselling that thing!!