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Dear Big Brain O' Mine,

You're really good at cooking up ideas. Plans, visions, hopes, dreams, etc. I appreciate your brilliant schemes to spruce up the master bathroom, paint the bar stools, redo the fireplace, enlarge the toy library, finish the entryway, and make the backyard a kid-friendly paradise, but until you can produce corresponding brilliant schemes for giving me eight extra hours per day and unlimited income, I would rather you just scale it down a bit.

It seems like I might later regret wanting to turn off part of my brain, but that's where I'm at today. Seriously, just STOP.

Overwhelmed and underfunded,

the Wizzle

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Right there with ya, babe. Right there with ya.

I didn't know my illness was contagious.

Your brain and mine must be friends! Thanks for your post--I needed to hear that mine was not the only one. ;)

Just give an extra hug to those three beautiful kids of yours. You're doing just fine!

I put myself to sleep each night listing all the things I want to do..mostly to the house. That dang financial factor is always standing in the way!! Go away Financial Factor!

this post I am sure can be well appreciated by many..including myself.

Something for you.


One of my blog readers just sent it to me and just for kicks I used the measurements of the art piece that I just sent to Michaels to have framed and it was half the price of them (even after the 60% was taken off).

Anyway go crazy with your framing needs.

P.S. - Want to rob a bank?