More proof that I am an old fuddy duddy

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 9:51 PM


In today's "Rachel is Old" column, which is apparently wildly popular, chock-full of material, and being picked up for nationwide syndication, I bring you:

the first time one of my children professed ardent love for a piece of culture, art, or music that I did not plant in their consciousness in some way.

Remember that time Devlin was in his school variety show? Somewhere on the program, a couple of kids danced to a song called "Dynamite", with which you are probably all familiar (I am told it is on heavy rotation on every radio station, excepting of course the ones I actually listen to. They're all funded by The League Of Uppity Culture Vultures - of which I am a charter member - and the government, and they don't typically play songs about "da club", or what one does with one's "crew" after hours.)

Anyway, I don't remember hearing the song, but Devlin assures me I did. When he came home from school today he begged me to find it in our music library (as if, kiddo) and when I informed him with a sniff that I had no such recording in my possession, he quickly directed me to iTunes where the song in question could be purchased for a mere $1.29.

(I'd like to take this opportunity to thank iTunes for allowing me to grant this harmless request without having to fork over $15 and bring an entire album of this drivel into my home. I don't think I could take it.)

So I clicked "buy", and it became mine, and we listened to it approximately 23 consecutive times. Devlin deployed his ladykilling "robot" dance moves, and sang along with such fervor that you would think he had actually been to a "club" not involving free mall carousel rides.

He knew every word.

I guess I have it pretty easy: I know plenty of kids much younger than Devlin whose parents are obliged to participate in Bieber Fever and worse (is there anything worse?) It was just kind of a sobering moment to realize that the passion and excitement he clearly felt for this music was not, in any way, fed to him by me. I did not approve it, I did not suggest it. He found this on his own, with a little help from his friends. His friends, who I know as surely as I know anything will gradually steal more and more market share from me as the years go by, until I'll be lucky if I even know what is going on in his life, let alone have any say in it.

I know he'll come around. I did. Kids who are raised right almost always do. But there will be, as they say, "a lot in between in the meanwhile".

The dam has shown its first hairline crack.

I hope we've built it on a strong foundation.

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I may be the second saddest person they're growing up so fast. Little Devlin will be a 8 in a few short months! I can't believe it! I must stop thinking about it at once.

I remember when I was 8 I asked for an Amy Grant cassette tape (yes, cassette tape) for Christmas. And you know what? I still like Amy Grant.

Bieber fever has infected our house already. Darn kids!

See if Dev likes this version:

I love LOVE your writing style. You, ma'am, are quite talented in so many ways! Thanks for the humorous insight.