Today by the numbers

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, April 8, 2011 at 8:41 PM


Time Iris bounded into my room this morning: 6
Number of showers taken: 2
Number of haircuts given: 2
Number of Targets visited: 3
Number of Targets out of stock of the invitations I needed: 3
Number of pink items present in any given Target: 5,672,984
Minimum percentage of pink items I am required to verbally confirm presence of, per Iris: 95
Maximum distance, in inches, which I may walk away from shopping cart without setting off the Iris-shaped proximity sensor: 4.5
Duration, in minutes, of Iris's nap: 5
Number of therapeutic donuts consumed by yours truly: 2
Number of new sprouts in garden: 14
Number of days elapsed since packing up childrens' winter wardrobes: 7
Forecast high for tomorrow: 54
Number of times I elicited good behavior in Costco by threatening to eat all the childrens' frozen yogurt: 4
Duration, in minutes, of Devlin's home haircut: 47
Horsepower of lawnmower I will use next time this task arises: 6

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Love it! I can just picture every scenario. Lots of new sprouts! I need to come see. They will love this rain...

14 new sprouts!! That's awesome! Congratulations!! Granny, can you come visit our garden, too?!

This post is so funny. I can picture each and every one of these events. I love with how dainty all of Iris' preferences are. Of course she loves pink! That makes her all the more adorable!

You & me both on the packing up of the winter wardrobes! Just when I thought it was safe!! Not that I'm complaining about the wonderful weather we had, I just didn't think I'd have to dip into it so soon! Very entertaining post!