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Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at 8:15 PM


Remember that one time I was sprucing up my master bathroom? I painted it and then said "what next"?

Well, I went in there to take a picture and document all the progress I have made, and it really looks like, well, nothing.

In fact, if anyone can point out the two visible changes I made in between these two photos, I'll give you a free-of-charge interior design consultation on your own bathroom.

(Disclaimer: you should probably like avocado green.)

To whet your appetite, I'll tell you the one change I made that is not visible. I believe I've mentioned that every item in this house that one would want to be white is actually almond? Well, when I watch Color Splash with David Bromstad the Muscle Queen, his design assistant always raves about how whenever she runs into that problem, she just changes the cover plate for a white one, and spray paints the actual outlet or switch. And then I always mock her, because obviously that works fine when you only have to take one sweeping video shot of a finished room and not, you know, actually live in it and plug things into the outlets on a daily basis.


I did that. That thing with spray-painting. I did it.

It turns out that when a honey is required for honey-do type of projects, like such as anything involving pipes or wires, and one's honey is Always Working, one will try desperate things in the pursuit of an budget-friendly updated bathroom.

It's been two weeks and it looks fine, and if it ever doesn't then, well, we were going to replace them anyway, right? And maybe I will have figured out how to clone myself by then.

* * * * *

In related news, I have some items to donate to a thrift shop, but first they closed "my" Goodwill (Mesa Drive and Brown). So then I started going to the Goodwill at Stapley and Main (still on the way to the library, and a decent selection).

Last weekend, they closed that one too. I don't want to talk about it.

So. What is your favorite secondhand store? Locals would be most helpful in my situation, obviously, but I'd love to hear from everyone. If you've got a gold mine, tell me all about it and make me jealous!

After all your amazing pickup lines, I am literally on the edge of my seat to hear what you have to say.

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towel bar!

Correct, that is one! Anyone else?

new mirror? The pictures are a little different but the clovery mirror in the second is super cute!

Uh, Duh! Towell bar AND mirror wall thingy. And why did I not know that there was a Goodwill on Stapley and Main. Hmmm. And that was so rude of them to close the Mesa Dr. one. Have you been to Center and Mckellips? It's ok. The BEST is Gilbert and Guadalupe. And they're opening one on Country Club and Southern at the end of June. Just lettin a sistuh know.
And spray paint an outlet? Really? No worries about paint going into the plug? Interesting.

Look up St. Vincent de Paul's. :)

Can't you take your stuff to DI on Dobson & Broadway? I don't know about the purchasing selection there since the best stuff is shipped around the world, but IMHO, there isn't a better place to donate! Wish I had one here.

You went to my Goodwill! I'm so mad they closed it. There is one at Center and McKellips. But I have really gotten into D.I. I just found a ton of good stuff.

I would like to look through your stuff before you donate. ;-)