Bathroom Assessment

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Thursday, May 19, 2011 at 9:35 PM


So, I got a wild hair this week and painted our master bathroom.

I hadn't done anything with it until now because there are just so many things I want to change in here, that trying to find a place to start without having it immediately snowball into a full-on renovation (which we can't afford) has proved a tricky proposition.

Paint is usually a safe bet.

And, just for fun, I thought we would paint the bathroom the same color as the bedroom. So, for anyone keeping track, that is two adjacent rooms, one color.

Crazy, I know.

I don't have a before picture, but imagine with me Snooki (no, I don't watch Jersey Shore either. But I know what Snooki looks like, and so do you.) Now imagine her face makeup. Her foundation. Okay, put that color onto my bathroom walls.

There. Lovely.

Now that that situation has been rectified, and I am actually very happy with the color, I need some help on what to do next. I'm looking to brighten things up considerably in there. A little sparkle, you know.

(For the moment, we are not even touching the other part of the bathroom, which is the room with the loo, shower, and bathtub. I don't have the strength right now.)

Things that are staying:

- original ceiling light fixtures. They are actually really cool, although you can't really see them here. Sort of an antique brass finish.

- dark wood doors and trim. It's in the entire house, and we want to work with it.

- probably the floor. I wouldn't have chosen it, but it's not really offensive enough to change and it would be a hassle.

- um, yeah. That's it.

Things that are going:

- ceiling color. I'm shooting for something more in the general vicinity of "white". Changing all the things in this house that were "almond" seems to be a neverending task.

- cabinets. Painting them would be the easiest, and they are in decent shape. Thinking about cream, or maybe black?

- medicine cabinets. I have never seen uglier ones. What direction I take those depends on what I do with the cabinets, though.

- countertops, if we can afford it. Just humor me with what you would do if you were me. Me, and you had money.

- faucets. We have antique brass, we have shiny brass, we have oil rubbed bronze, we have brushed nickel. Seriously, who was living here and what were they smoking?

- bath mats. We have enough brown in there without them. What about wood ones?

Things not pictured that we need:

- mirror on the wall across from my medicine cabinet. There was one, but it was so ugly I couldn't bear to hang it back up after I painted. I'm sure it cost $5.97 from Walmart (it's definitely from Wally World, per the tag on the back. I might be overestimating the value though.)

- hand towel hooks, because "wadding them up on the counter/floor" is not working for me

- additional lighting, because being able to see one's face and hair while getting ready is traditionally a Good Thing. I'm thinking four sconces, one on each side of both medicine cabinets. Something like this?

So, if anyone is bored with their own to-do list and would like to have a go at mine, I invite you to step forward now and play designer. Where do I go from here?

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from snooki to yummy avacado-ish, i approve of this message. looks fab.

Paint the door and the surrounding trim white! It will make a world of a difference!

I love the color and the dark wood. I'm in the grin-and-bear-it stage with my own bathrooms, too.

Pendant lights hanging from the ceiling. 3 of them. One next to the wall with the door, one in front of the window (the middle), and one at the other end. Or, lighted mirrors, there are very beautiful ones these days.

Ok, for the record, I agree with painting the door and trim white. the dark wood is very heavy. But personally, I'm just in awe of alllll that counter space and two whole sinks. Can't imagine. I come from the world of tiny bathrooms. Also, in the picture, those medicine cabinets don't bother me at all. Let's talk covering that window. Uncovered windows make me break out in hives. Roman shade....white with some of that green.

I love reading all this advice, Rachel. Your friends have good taste, too!

I think the bathroom looks AWESOME in the new color. I think I'd usually go for white trim and doors, but I love the dark wood here against the green. I also, funny enough, saw those medicine cabinets and thought: that's just what we need in our new place! HA! I like a lot of what you don't in your bathroom. I think this picture you posted looks beautiful!

DO NOT PAINT THE DOORS AND TRIM!!!!! That is a bell that can't be un-rung. We did it in one room of our house and it started the gradual RE-paint of the entire house.

I would paint the cabinets a cream color. That would brighten everything up like you are looking for. and if you need a good decorative mirror without spending alot go to Kirkland. They never fail for stuff like that :)

by the way - me, Emily, did the last comment. I had no idea that Chad commented twice or I would have left my comment out. Wow - we sure love your blog.

I'm dying here you guys! I actually thought it was you at first, Emily, so I'm glad to have it cleared up.

Hey, wanna round up the kids and see if they have any insight into my bathroom redo? :)

Just kidding.

Chad, pendant lights in there sound beautiful but the ceiling is only 7 feet. David can barely walk under the flush mount fixtures already!

Allyson, I've got something planned for the window in the center there (I use the word "center" loosely, by the way - I measured yesterday and it seems that the builders of this house did not think either to center the window on the wall, or to center the medicine cabinets between the walls and the window. Bizarre.) The window is already "textured" glass, like in a shower door - I don't know what you call it, but it makes it looks frosted and you can't really see in or out, so it's not as bad as it looks.

Thanks for all the ideas, guys. I got a few things yesterday at Home Goods so I'll be updating soon!