Belles on their Toes

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, May 13, 2011 at 8:08 PM


It's Fathers and Sons weekend.

(For those who have never experienced this delightful phenomenon, it is an annual overnight camping trip for, well, fathers and sons, sponsored by our church. Devlin has practically been sleeping in the shed with all our camping supplies for a week in anticipation. More on that later, I'm sure.)

So, when the boys are away, the girls get to play - and this little mama knows how to play!

Eve had ballet in the afternoon, so I had to solemnly promise to "pause" our fun while she danced and not "push play" until we had her safely in the car again. Having obliged, we came right home to implement our seven-step Girls Night In plan. It proceeded without a hitch.

Step 1: Each girl got one of those little tiny plant starter pots from the dollar spot at Target (are my kids the only ones who absolutely LOVE those?) Iris planted tomatoes, Eve planted basil. Lovely.

Step 2: I painted 20 tiny, tiny toenails (berry pink, with a glittering gold topcoat) while...

Step 3: We watched Tangled. I was going to buy it anyway, eventually, but I figured this special evening was the perfect excuse.

(Aren't you so glad I'm the world's best photographer? I thought this would be such an artistic shot. I didn't really plan for the reflection of the huge ceiling fan light fixture in the TV screen in almost every picture, and my thousand and one Ancient Almond electrical outlets. Or the fact that even if I could get my girls to sit still, the people on the screen would not.)

Step 4: Homemade "lunchables" and little tiny cans of orange soda:

Step 5: Followed by popcorn...and Ben & Jerry's. You heard me.

Step 6: Individual bedtime stories for each girl

Step 7: And still in bed by 7:30. (Them, not me, silly.)

I am so grateful for these sweet kids. I could not possibly love them more. Thanks for the party, girls!

P.S. I almost forgot the best part: I bought a box of Crunch Berries (my FAVORITE EVER) for breakfast. It's like Christmas!

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How cute are you? What a nice mom.

This is when I get to be grateful for one girl out of four. Next year all three boys go with daddy. My problem is I always try to plan too much. It's like I want to try and do every thing that is withheld from her due to the demands of her other siblings. Unfortunately, there is just not enough time in one 24 hour (or less) period. It looks like you had just as much fun as K and I.

Oh! Your hair! I LOVE it! And your girls look so content sitting there with you. :)

So fun! We have the same tradition of movies and treats for Father-Son camp outs. I love that Eve wanted to "push play" on the night. :)

I took Paige out to eat - just the two of us. I kept thinking, "we need to hurry", but we didn't because there were no little brothers making a fuss. It was so relaxing. Then we stayed up till 10:30 watching Ramona and Beezus - super cute movie. It is nice having that special night out.

Maybe next year my boys will actually go, and by then I will have two little girlies to entertain! We have not ventured into the world of tiny painted toenails yet.

This looks like a party I would LOVE! How fun! You are awesome. I'm sure your girls agree--they've got an awesome, mom.