A Father and his Son

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, May 20, 2011 at 11:18 PM


Remember that one time last weekend when the girls and I watched Tangled and painted our toenails?

David took my only son away for ONE NIGHT and when he comes home, he has learned how to shoot a gun.

I am not kidding.

And he loved it. I am still processing this information. (I think I have decided that as long as he never shoots at anything higher on the food chain than a plastic army guy, I am good.)

One of the members of our ward is a firearms trainer for DPS, so if the boy needs to fire a weapon then he might as well learn from the best, right?

My only communication from the menfolk while they were away was a text from David as soon as they arrived Friday night, consisting of two words:

"No campfires".

This was a mortal blow, I was sure. Devlin's greatest joy in life is setting, tending, stoking, cooking over, and putting out campfires. This is, quite literally, the only reason he wants to go camping at all (although maybe now the future possibility of firearms will enhance the appeal even further). So when I got this news, my heart shrunk a little bit. I was sure the boys would come home early tomorrow, dejected, all the light gone out of my little boy's eyes.

But, it turns out, the child is resourceful and adaptable.

"Mom, actually, a propane stove has essentially the same properties as a campfire, so it was okay."

(He actually talks like this, all the time - he would make a great sitcom character. The hilariously articulate, slightly annoying neighbor kid that hangs around your back fence all weekend, wanting to know how many PSI your garden hose can put out? Uncle Jacob Moffat the Film Producer, are you getting this?)

It's good to have you home, boys. Next year, just do me a favor and don't hurt anything with antlers, okay?

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I love his insanely genius and articulate explanations.