I warned you

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, May 30, 2011 at 9:20 PM


I now present to you almost 7 minutes of jerky, fuzzy, awesome home video. If you're here for wit, humor, insightful observations on the human condition, political commentary, or punch and pie...

...you might want to check back tomorrow.

Firstly, I present to you Iris Olivia Dixon, in her premiere public performance. This girl loves to dance like no child I have ever seen (except maybe myself!) She boogied in the aisle for three straight hours as we waited out the duration of the dress rehearsal Friday morning, and she boogied on my lap to every song between her dance and Eve's during the recital.

She knew all her moves, and didn't have a lick of stage fright, but she tragically loses her tap shoe partway through the performance. Devlin thought it was hilarious, I thought it was just so unfair. It didn't bother her one bit, though; when we spoke to her after the show, she said happily, "my shoe comed off, but I jus' put it back on!"

While Iris is on the ball and aiming to please, Eve usually goes through life (and ballet class) as if everyone around her is on Earth, and she is on Neptune. She's just in a completely different world.

(As you and I know from this blog, her world is a very beautiful place. It's nice there. There are flowers, and unicorns, and princesses in disguise. It's just, you know, hers. Not ours.)

I have been observing the last few minutes of her class for weeks, and I was, privately, a little concerned for her part in this recital. She has a wonderful, darling "partner", who frequently takes her by the elbow and gently guides her to where she is supposed to be standing, but even with her help Eve just always seemed to be on the wrong foot, at the wrong time, with a dreamy smile on her sweet little face.

I just wanted her to have fun, and feel good about her performance. But right up through the dress rehearsal, it was not looking good.

To my utter shock and astonishment, when the moment arrived, she was just amazing. I had never seen her do half this well. Her sweet friend only had to show her to her place one time, and you can see from Eve's face that whatever she is imagining is making her very happy indeed.

I may hate the recital process, but I'm just like every other proud mom when my little darlings get their turn on stage. Everything's coming up roses, girls!

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I love this kind of stuff. That was so freakin' cute!!!

I love that Iris's shoe fell off, but she just kept on going. I mean, she fixed the problem and kept going and it didn't faze her one bit. That 'a girl!

And sweet little Eve . . . whoever that friend was that helped her along the way throughout the dance is a good friend. We all need a little help from our friends!

Very cute and adorable!

Rachel, this is too precious! I love it! I was totally crying watching sweet little Iris and looking forward so much to having little moments like these with my own children. They are both so priceless! Congrats to all of you! Looks like a huge success!!

Oh my heavens - if Iris is not just the cutest thing in the whole world, I don't know what is. That was awesome! And I also have to say that I LOVE Eve's long flowing curls. Ballet dancers look way to snobbish with their hair pulled back so tight all the time. Eve is absolutely lovely as was her dance.

Your little Eve is beauty personified. She belongs in a land of hidden princesses and unicorns, this planet is too drab for her!

Iris's little dance was absolutely the most adorable little thing I've seen in quite a while! I can't believe how on the spot she was! Those other little dancers were fixing each other's gloves and she loses a whole shoe! Then she just puts it back on like a BOSS!

The video was also made more precious by Devlin's commentary, that was one of my favorite parts.

Your kids are awesome!