Iris Lately

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 7:30 PM


Upside: She speaks! In complete sentences, entirely of her own construction.

Downside: They often begin thusly: "Stop talking to her, Mom! Talk to ME!"

Upside: She is developing strong preferences and interests.

Downside: Her favorite color is definitely, emphatically, pink. (I have failed as a mother.)

Upside: Girl loves her mama, and tells me so often.

Downside: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but she needs a little more practice with the mascara brush.

Upside: She is adventuresome, confident, and fearless.

Downside: Her actual skill level doesn't always match her enthusiasm. (Her swim teacher saves her from drowning when she hurls herself off the diving board on a daily basis.)

Upside: Yes, that is her real hair. It curls, all by itself, like magic.

Downside: There isn't one.

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Ah, she is adorable. I have been saying for years that my kids' responsibility needs to catch up with their capability, or that they will, at the very least, develop a sense of their own mortality.

She looks so squeezable!

She's such an angel and your love for her is amazing, inspiring and darling. Iris is a blessed little girl, and adorable too.

she is such a cute girl! I would love to have those curls!

You are right...there is absolutely no downside to those curls. She is a doll.

SO cute! How we all love our little Iris!