Kids are awesome

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, May 23, 2011 at 8:14 PM


A child can tell you that a goldfish has a memory span of 84 days, but cannot himself remember anything that you said 84 seconds ago - even if you said it 84 times.

A child can be utterly captivated for a period of two hours with nothing but photographs of her own stunningly beautiful self.

A child hears "crazy hair day at school" and thinks only of fully seizing the opportunity, not his own vanity.

A child believes that the only reason she has not gotten what she wants is that she has not asked loudly enough.

(Or maybe just not often enough).

A child truly believes, on some twisted level of consciousness, that licking is an appropriate sign of affection.

A child can, with great regularity, simply forget to replace her undergarments after using the toilet.

Earning a child's undying loyalty is as simple as serving pancakes for dinner.

And the only thing a child likes to eat better than pancakes?

His own boogers.

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Love it Rach! I thought every statement you wrote was pure gold, and then I got to the last line - Diamonds! (or whatever floats your boat that is better than gold!) Kids are definitely so awesome!