More deep thoughts from within the mind of Eve

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, May 13, 2011 at 1:13 PM


Eve, last night at bedtime, completely unprompted: Mom, I wish there were 100 moms! Yeah, because then one of you could go shopping, and one of you could make breakfast, and one of you could take us to the playground, and one of you could take us swimming, and one of you could push me on the swing, and one of you could push Iris on the swing, and one of you could lay down, and one of you could take a nap, and one of you could read a story, and there would be enough of you!

(Yes, dear, that does sound like that would be a better system than the one we currently have. Whom do I notify to see if we can get that going?)

She went on: But guess what mom? Even after that, there are still SO MANY MORE things you would need to do!

My child, you are ready to be a mother some day.

* * * * *

And, for Tasha: last night I asked Eve what she is imagining when she is barefoot. It turns out that the heroine from the recent Disney movie Tangled, which Eve saw in the theater, goes without shoes for most of the movie. There you go. I should have guessed!

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I figured there was a heroine prompting some of that no shoes fetish. Bless her heart. Do you supposed she could arrange for one of me to go to camp and one of me to stay home and relax? Let me know...

Of course! That makes such perfect sense. What a smart girl. Remind her though, that Rapunzel doesn't have to wear bandaids from consequences of her shoeless actions. Just a thought.

And wow, Eve really is so super SMART. I love her solution to the problems of motherhood. I wonder what her thoughts are on world peace. :)

Yes, Evie is so very bright. And imaginative. One of the many reasons she's awesome. She is at least the 2nd child to empathize with you and all you have to do. (Remember Dev's sweet note on the washing machine??)

Nice to know they're thinking of you. Love the picture!

Yeah, they empathize all right! Mothers work hard, and I don't exactly make it look effortless if you know what I mean. They get plenty of opportunity to watch me flounder and stress and huff and puff!