The one where I wear the exact same thing every Wednesday

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 9:29 PM


I was getting dressed this morning, in preparation for breakfast, from which I would take Devlin to school, from which I would take the girls directly to swimming lessons, from which I would take Eve straight to preschool, from which I would go directly to story time at the library.


I was getting dressed, with story time in mind, like I do every Wednesday.

(I might have mentioned how much I enjoy story time, yes? I think I noticed today that I am the only person there with only one child. This is certainly the reason for my success. Just a thought.)

As I was pulling on my brown wide-leg yoga pants with the yellow fold-down waistband, it occurred to me that I attend story time each week in the exact same outfit, like an old lady, or a nurse who has an assigned color of scrubs for each day of the week.

Aren't you dying to know why?

1. Story time means I sit on the floor. Iris climbs on and off my lap, turns somersaults, and generally is pretty wiggly. I could literally have to leap up at any moment and stop her from stepping on some poor crawling infant's head and crushing it with her giant foot. This means:

2. Knee-length skirts and dresses are out. Contrary to popular belief, I actually do not enjoy flashing other library patrons.

3. Longer skirts and dresses are out. If I have to suddenly leap up from a seated position, there is a high probability of stepping on the hem and pulling down either the skirt or the neckline, if a dress. See #2 re: flashing.

4. Jeans + sitting on the floor = muffin top. I don't care who you are. I'm over it.

So, that leaves me with non-denim, preferably non-pajama pants with a forgiving waistband, the better to flatter my vanity while I sit on the ground and enthusiastically perform "Where Is Thumbkin?" with a room full of yowling, slobbering toddlers.

I have one item of clothing matching that description. And I have one shirt that matches that one pair of pants. And, well, as long as I'm wearing the same outfit every week, I might as well wear the jewelry that I know complements it best, and I might as well rock my comfiest flip flops so I don't get uncomfortable marks on my feet from sitting cross-legged.

And there you have it. I don't know why I felt compelled to share all that. The one I should really explain myself to is Sherry, the librarian who facilitates story time. She's the one who has to look at my predictable, crazy-old-lady self every week.

Can anyone top my random, bizarre confession? Or am I alone in my rut? What weird "mom stuff" do you do?

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I wish there were "like" buttons on your blog. Or more appropriate, "love" buttons. I'd be pushing it with every post. I often find myself wearing the same outfit on certain days of the week also. And realizing that my weekly piano students or Taryn's weekly therapist probably think I only have one presentable outfit to wear (which actually isn't that far off if we're talking about ones that "fit"). But if their clean, then I'm going to wear it, no matter the day.

I'll wear the same outfit a few times in a row to avoid having to put another ensemble's such a struggle with this baby flab still lingering! I have a muffin top in ALL my pants!