So bitter and so sweet

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 8:37 PM


This was Eve on her first day of preschool, 9 months ago.

And this was her just hours ago, on her last day.

She has learned so much this year (including, apparently, how to moue daintily for the camera). I attended her end-of-year celebration this morning, where the students of Discovery Club demonstrated their knowledge of:

countries in Africa
Presidents of the United States
penguins of the world
planets of the solar system
how to tie a sari
how to fuss and fidget with said sari until the teacher throws up her hands and tucks the hateful garment into your shirt collar (oh wait, that was just Eve)
countries in the former USSR
frogs v. tadpoles
layers of the rainforest (parrots live in the emergent, in case you were wondering)

Eve has wept every day for two weeks, anticipating the day when she would have to say goodbye to Mrs. Freebairn and leave Discovery Club for the last time. She gave each of her teachers a picture of herself, and I took a photograph of her with each of them, because she did not want to forget them, or they her.

She is another year older, another year smarter, another year more stubborn (may God bless and keep her unsuspecting teacher next year).

I didn't feel this way when Devlin was preparing to head off to kindergarten, because I had just had my third baby and needed someone off my hands part of the time. And he went half day.

But in the fall, Eve will be gone. She will be at school, full day, every day.

I will not hear her little voice, singing from my bathtub.

I will not find ponies in my shoes and coloring pages strewn across my bed.

No one will fight Iris for control of the iPod.

The days when I can cuddle up with my Eve in the afternoons for a movie and a quick nap are drawing to a close.

And I'm pretty much heartbroken.

It has been a long, difficult road to get to this point. She has not been my easiest child. She was three and a half years old before I was reasonably confident we would be friends, at some point, ever.

But the steepness of the path has made the fruit all the sweeter. I love her, so much, and I am going to miss her sweet little bubble floating through my home.

(Of course, she has been out of school for less than 12 hours. Come August, I may have, shall we say, found some peace on this matter).

Eve, you have stolen my heart. Let's make this a summer to remember.

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Well, she is good at stealing hearts. She had me at 'hello' five.something years ago.

I'm glad you've reached a point where you'll miss her during the day. That gives me hope.