Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, June 27, 2011 at 8:34 PM


I'm still trying very hard to like running.

I finished the Couch-to-5K program, and can now run 30 hateful minutes at a time. I hear running outdoors is very inspiring and invigorating, but I can only assume proponents of outdoor running do not mean "outside in Phoenix in June".

(It was 117 degrees today, and felt every bit of it.)

So, thus far, the only way I have been successful in my running endeavors is at the gym.

On the treadmill.

Watching Bethenny Ever After.

(I'm not at all sure this is a net gain. Improve the body, soil the mind!)

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It gets hot here too, which makes running outside all the more difficult because I just CANNOT get out of bed early enough in the morning to run when it's "cool".

However, you get used to running and learn to enjoy it...okay, that's a lie. I really only like the results, not the effort it takes.

You are so funny. You and your one-liners--"soil the mind." Ha! In my opinion, it's okay if you don't like running because you like yoga and other types of exercise. Yes, they may not be as convenient as running, but they're more fun, so who cares?

I now get up at 530 to run. Its cooler but I definitely wouldn't say 'cool'. I'm still trying to like it as well but the fact that I can run for a half an hour straight blows my mind.

I'm pretty sure you have to have a love affair with running long before running in the summer's evening (or morning) heat is anything more glorified than tolerable. But I really admire you for making the effort.