Cruise, Part the Second

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After we visited the Bahamas, we had another day of cruising. "Cruising" is the fancy name for "trapping you on a Giant Boat in the hope that you will eventually tire of the available free activities and buy some expensive jewelry just to pass the time."

Actually, there was a lot of really fun activities and we were hardly ever bored. I just like making fun of things and I am very wary of feeling that I might be getting ripped off. David had a massage, I had a pedicure, we climbed the rock wall, we sang karaoke, we tried all the restaurants (our boat had amazing cupcakes and unquestionably the most disgusting pizza in the known universe). We spent a lot of time sitting on an open but shaded deck, far away from the "family" pool, reading book after book, napping, and enjoying our unlimited Diet Coke package.

We actually rode in an elevator once with two teenage boys, who upon discovering that the boat contained a small library, asked with great disdain, "who would read on a cruise?" David and I exchanged a glance, simultaneously picked up our e-books, and said "we would!" A few floors later, an announcement came on about a class at the gym on Deck 11 and the one of the boys snorted "a gym? on vacation?" We couldn't resist and shouted "we did that too!" on our way out the door.

So we might have been the two nerdiest people on the boat, but we read more than 2,000 pages between the two of us and I was able to zip my jeans on the last day. Neener neener, tweeners.

The next day was our 10-year wedding anniversary (more on that later) and we spent it in St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. This is what we saw when we dropped anchor:

Dueling Giant Boats - ours was bigger (on the right):

St. Thomas was billed as a duty-free shopper's paradise, and while fine jewelry wasn't exactly in the budget, we thought we would poke around a little bit. A Tiffany and Breitling outpost called Little Switzerland looked safe, and they also offered a lounge upstairs where we could take advantage of wireless internet access and a free phone call to the States.

While David phoned home, I had a lovely conversation with Don the Jewelry Salesman and feigned interest in a beautiful rose gold ring. (Well, I was interested, but was feigning potential intent to purchase.) Just out of curiosity, I noted the price of the ring and then checked the Tiffany website later to see what kind of savings I had missed out on.

St. Thomas once-in-a-lifetime Tiffany ring price: $665
15-minutes-away-from-my-house Tiffany store MSRP: $575

I think I must be doing this wrong.

After that, we were pretty soured on the shopping aspect so we decided to stop for lunch at Cuzzins. There were chickens running all over the island, and I think one of them probably ended up on my plate in a lovely jerk sauce. Om nom nom.

The restaurant:

In our wanderings, we found a cemetery and went to take a look around. So, if you're keeping track, we read books, work out, and tour graveyards on our vacations. What, doesn't everybody?

There were a lot of homemade monuments like this one:

And one humorous (probably only to us) family name. Iris--->Hedgehog--->Hodgehog--->Hodge:

It was a beautiful cloudy day, and the quiet of the graveyard was much nicer in my opinion than the hard sell of the shops:

We had a couple of hours left, so we decided to check out Magens Bay, which is supposedly one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. On the way, we saw most of the island, which was insanely beautiful. Little overgrown alleys tucked around every corner:

Flowers that would shrivel and die at the mere mention of "Phoenix":

And then, of course, Magens Bay, which was just as beautiful as advertised, if very crowded with Expert Cruisers:

Apparently they have a little iguana problem, although we didn't see any:

The fly-to-human ratio was approximately 20:1:

And back on the boat that night we celebrated our anniversary at the onboard steakhouse. You can see my sunburned chest developing a rich scarlet patina in this photo:

to be continued...

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My mom always likes to check out local cemeteries wherever we go. I'm glad someone else does this, now I don't feel so weird about it.