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(I'm back. From California this time. If I ever decide to work, I think a job as a postpartum doula would suit me just fine.)

My family, back when we had a mere two children, owned a Scion xB, which we affectionately called "the toaster". We all loved it, and it was pretty traumatic when we sold it to buy a vehicle that would accommodate our fifth family member. The kids often point them out when we see them on the road, and tonight we drove next to a fine periwinkle specimen for a couple of miles on the freeway.

Eve: Mom, look at that little toaster! I sure miss our toaster.

Me: Yeah, it was an awesome car for when we had two kids. But now we have three kids, and it wouldn't have been a good car for three kids.


Me: And hey - now we have Baby Iris instead of a toaster! Isn't that a good trade?

Eve, WAILING: I'd rather have the toaster!

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That's great! A good laugh! :)

Ha ha ha!!!! That's hilarious!!! Periwinkle sounds awesome. :)

Love and miss you, Rachel. You're the world's greatest unofficial post-partum doula!

Too funny!

I love your posts Rachel! I've had a few chuckles from the life and times of the Dixon family. Thanks for sharing.