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So, I went on vacation.

I meant to, I don't know, notify you all or something, but then I went and got on a huge boat and it turned out that internet access cost 65 cents a minute. And you do not even want to know how many minutes it typically takes me to formulate a post here.

I promise I will tell you all about the cruise. It was, to simplify things greatly, totally awesome. (But a week and a half in a barn full of horse manure would be awesome if I got to bring That Guy I Married.)

However, as usual I have a big heaping pile of photos and thoughts to go through and I don't feel like doing it yet. I promise it will be funny when I get around to it. So for now I give you one of the many wonderful nuggets from my day today, just soaking up the glow of my three children with whom I am so happy to be back (yes, really - I am not exaggerating this at all, to my great surprise and elation).

I give you Devlin, this very afternoon, wearing a pair of size 3T swim trunks that he has worn with pride every summer since I purchased them.

In 2005. He was (almost) 2.

He's (almost) 8 now, if you're not so good with Teh Maths.

This is so awesome that I don't even know what else to say about it. If he gets any skinnier I'll be handing down Iris's clothes to him, poor little waif.

So, check back tomorrow and I will share with you at least 2, and possibly all 5, of the following pieces of information (bonus points for spotting the movie reference):

- the Cruise Ship Food Pyramid (no, really, it was a literal pyramid - you should have seen this guy's plate)

- how to tell what day it is on a cruise

- how to save a shocking amount of money on Tiffany jewelry in the US Virgin Islands and impress all your friends back home

- how to vacation like old fogeys even though your 20's aren't yet out of sight

- how to eat snails

It's going to be fun.

And it's good to be home.

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So nice to have you back! Welcome home.

I can't wait to hear all about it, I'm sure it was nice for a time that you couldn't really stay connected, but yes, we are all happy to have you home!! Love you!!!

I wondered where you had gone. And also - High Fidelity.

Yes, we have a winner!

Oh, John Cusack, so good. you should probably drop a High Fidelity reference into each blog post hereafter. I'm sure your followers list will grow like crazy! (that may be a lie, but I do think it would be incredibly entertaining) :)