All About Eve

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 10:08 PM


Eve is 5 years old. Almost 5-and-a-half.

Her favorite color is yellow. She was born that way.

She is no longer my most difficult child. (That's partly because she has gotten more manageable, and partly because I have gotten smarter.)

She has a tremendous, florid imagination, whose content and beauties she normally keeps to herself. If I ask, though - and I have learned to ask - she always shares her thoughts. And I always love them.

She has taught me more about mothering than I ever thought possible, and more than my other two put together.

She loves to build forts.

She loves to be read to.

She cries easily: over teachers left behind, playmates misunderstood, and sunflowers wilted.

She loves to listen to Sara Bareilles, but we always have to start with "Fairytale". Then we can go back and listen to the rest.

She claimed not to like tomatoes - until today, when she ate a yellow one, and found it to be very satisfactory indeed.

When I need help around the house, she is the first, longest, and loudest to complain. But when she starts, she is my best worker, and never leaves a job half done.

She has kissed a boy. I think. She told me she did, anyway. (I think we are in trouble.)

She hardly ever naps anymore - but when she does, she needs me to lay with her so she can fall asleep, and wakes as soon as I get up. I find this tremendously flattering.

She can sing, very well. I often hear her singing whole songs from memory that I had no idea she knew.

She loves hand-me-down clothes.

She claims to have had a loose tooth for the last year. Is this even possible?

When we go check on the kids at night, Devlin and Iris push us away and mumble and growl. Eve throws her arms around our necks, kisses us, and whispers in our ears that she loves us.

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This is so sweet. I love these posts. You notice such cool things about your kids. Makes me love them and their uniqueness even more. :)

Loved reading this!

She kind of reminds me of my Savannah. She has cried when she's come home on the last day of school each each year because school is over and she will miss her teacher. She is my biggest complainer, but also my best helper. She loves to read and has asked for books for her birthday. She loves music and enjoys practicing the piano. And my favorite is the loose tooth! Savannah claimed for months that she had a loose tooth. She told me that I couldn't tell that it was loose because I had big fingers and her little fingers could feel that it was loose!

Your Eve sounds absolutely wonderful! Her imagination is amazing!

She is seriously beautiful. Inside and out!

Love the yellow tomato story. Oh Eve, Granny loves you!