The Guinea Pig

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, July 15, 2011 at 7:28 PM


Devlin is my first child. He is 7, almost 8.

He loves to read.

He loves to swim.

He always, always has a blanket.

He broke his wrist last weekend. Just a little bit. He was thrilled!

He wants to like spicy food. (Sometimes he is successful).

He thinks he has wicked dance moves.

He has a quick mind. He gets things. He remembers things.

But he tends to become discouraged and angry very quickly if something is a challenge.

He likes to have his toenails painted.

His room is always a mess. His teacher said his desk was even worse. Legos + magnets + piles and piles of books.

He weighs 50 pounds. (After dinner. With clothes on. Soaking wet.)

He loves to wrestle with his dad.

He is a clown. He loves to make people laugh, so much so that it sometimes trumps his love of pleasing authority figures.

He loves to wear footie jammies. His father taught him that they were "integrated sockies".

He is getting old enough that I am having to shift my thinking as a parent. He doesn't need to walk right next to me. He doesn't need to hold my hand in a parking lot. He can go to the bathroom alone. He doesn't need, or want, me to tell him what to do in many situations.

He sometimes decides not to do what I have suggested, and I am practicing being okay with that.

I have to talk less, and listen to him more.

I can sense us laying the groundwork for his teenage years, as he begins to break away just a little bit at a time, my authority chipping apart like the swing arms in one of his beloved rocket launches, so he can fly with his own engine.

But he will still come sit on my lap any time I ask him to.

Even in public.

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What a sweet little tribute to your eldest child. Poor firsts are quite the experiments, aren't they? It's really hard to know when they are ready enough to do things on their own. Your little guy is a sweetheart.

Sure love that boy. He reminds me so much of his dad....the blankets, the mind, etc. I found a picture today I think you should see. :)