I am a Little Black Raincloud

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at 8:15 PM


It's just one of those days, you know?

We paid $2000 last week to get a new pool pump and filter, and they still don't work.

I also have water leaking from an as-yet-undetermined location in my laundry room.

Yesterday I broke off the van's passenger-side-view mirror on the Sonic drive-in menu board, handily negating the $2.66 I saved at happy hour.

Devlin has a terrible rash under his cast because I am a negligent mother.

I have a terrible rash on my feet because I just always have a terrible rash on my feet.

Iris is swallowing so much water at swimming lessons that her belly swells up and gets hard to the touch, so now I'm freaking out about dry drowning, or just regular drowning, or maybe she'll just explode like a tick. (I'm joking, but I am actually worried.)

My daughters cannot spend one minute in each others' company without screaming at or assaulting each other.

Thanks to the miracle of birth control, I'm on my period for the second time in two weeks.

All of our pants have snags and pulls on the back of the right thigh because of our stupid falling-apart dining chairs.

I'm worried about our tenants, and worried about my own family's finances, and wishing there was some way those two concerns could both be served.

But it's not all bad: I got a gorgeous yellow embellished Kate Spade cardigan at Last Chance today for $4.97, the kids are all asleep, and I am having Crunch Berries for dinner.

And tomorrow we all get another chance.

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Yes. "Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it... yet." --- you know who said this.

Shyre swallows half the pool when she swims, too. Then just pees a T-O-N. :P

Sometimes all the hard stuff just crashes at once! So sorry!

P.S. I'm worried about your tenants, too! Poor people...

I think Crunch Berries are an excellent choice for dinner. Here's to tomorrow being better!

I think we all have these days...and weeks. It will get better. Nice score on the sweater!

Oh, Rachel. I love you! You are super mom to me! Let's not forget you've handled all of this while being my round-the-clock mentor for all things baby-related the last five weeks, all while ALWAYS seeming happy to hear from me.

It'll be okay. You're living right and life has a way of rewarding people who do so. Yellow cardigan for super cheap: case in point.


Sorry it all attacked you today. The sun will come out tomorrow!