A Lovely Night

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Thursday, July 21, 2011 at 11:07 PM


Tonight, my mom took Eve and I out for a girls' night at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater to see Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. It was pretty magical.

I allowed Eve to wear one of her "new" school dresses, which made her very, very happy:

And I completed my first-ever successful French braid, which made me very very happy:

We had dinner, as one does at a dinner theater, and then Eve went through the dessert buffet line and got carrot cake, jello, and ice cream with sprinkles and strawberries - some of which can be viewed here on her chin:

I encouraged her to bring a doll, which she did happily, in case she found the show to be less than riveting, but it turned out that "Clara" spent the entire duration sitting untouched under the table because Eve wouldn't take her eyes off the stage. I literally could not get her to look at me until the lights came up.

Well, color me surprised, as usual.

I think this picture sums up Eve's experience pretty succinctly. Although she was born to a cruel mother who buys her secondhand clothes and often forces her to eat food that comes from our very own pantry and not a restaurant kitchen, I did spring for a clear "glass" slipper souvenir for the extravagant price of 55 cents with tax. She insisted on staging it on a pillow for this photo, just like in the Cinderella story - and yes, she always poses like this:

I would try to hire that beautifully intense gaze out as a model, but I think all the profits would just have to go right back into the shotgun and security fund to keep the boys away in 10 years.

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She is just darling. I'm sure she knows her own Aunt Emily makes a fine Fairy Godmother too. How lucky to have one in the family!

She is a doll! Great job on the braid. I can definitely see a resemblance between her and your mom here.