Name Game

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, July 29, 2011 at 10:17 PM


Just for fun:

If you have children, what would each of them have been named if you had had sole naming privileges? If you hadn't had to compromise?

For me:

Devlin Thomas would have been Sebastian Alexander
Eve Marian would have been Tamsin Juliet
Iris Olivia would have been Iris Penelope (or possibly Iris Ophelia, although not even I would have given two sisters Juliet and Ophelia - even in the middle.)

I'm looking forward to reading these all weekend, so don't be shy!

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Fortunately, William and I agreed pretty well on names. Looks like you and I both like Juliet! Zara was going to be Juliet Aurora until we discovered the name Zara, so now she's Zara Juliet. Clive was always going to be Clive for both of us since before I was even pregnant with him. I wanted his middle name to be Xavier but William didn't like that. He wanted Wolfgang or Alistair for a middle name. Or King for a first name but I'm not sure how serious he was about that so I joked we'd name him King Arthur b/c my dad's name is Arthur, ha. Clive Alistair sounded TOO British for me, and we both love the name Cillian (with a K sound) so I got over the two C's in a row and his name is Clive Cillian.

Nathan would be Jackson or Jaxson

Leah would have been London and if I had my choice with this one her name would be Charlotte or Stella

myron pretty much let me choose & i shot down a lot of his suggestions. haha.

we have a deal that if our next child is a redheaded little girl, she will be ruby. :) and if our next is a boy, he'll be called caleb or eli. [probably caleb]

Very interesting, Samantha! I think Z has one of my favorite names ever, and I agree that Clive is pretty "British" already so you have to tone it down with something. And King Arthur! Ha!

Is that you, Emily? Or is it Chad? Who likes Jackson?

Briann, I love Charlotte and Stella - I don't think you can go wrong there!

Angie, I can soooo picture you with a little Ruby or Caleb! I always said if I had a redhead it was going to take a lot of convincing for me not to name her Ruby. I'm glad I didn't steal it from you on accident, since I think your odds are better than mine were!

If I had had twin girls, I would have named them Bernadette and Bethesda. (I was about 14 years old when I had this idea). Aren't you glad you weren't a twin, Rachel?

If I had had a second son, I would have liked to have named him either Christopher Ambrose, or Matthew Jonathan.

Coming up with boy names was hard for us. I like Jackson, Hunter, Gauge, and Marcus.

The hubby liked, Clay, Jasper, Bo, and Dylan.
Thank heavens Dillon was the only one we used out of that list.

Wow, Mom, yeah. That was a narrow escape for me! I kind of like Bernadette, in a weird old-lady way, but I wouldn't want it for my name. And I'm going to refrain from comment on Bethesda out of respect for my elders. :)

Food is Important (Elise? is that you?), that is a pretty wide gap to bridge! Manly vs. cowboy, eh?