Sinking In

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, July 1, 2011 at 8:28 PM


Yesterday, Eve had a new little friend over to play after swimming lessons.

Her name is Kate, and once I got the girls to my house and they commenced dressing up in each others' clothes, I quickly realized that, from the back, I literally could not tell them apart!

(Can you tell which girl in this photo is Eve? I'll give you a hint: one girl has her hair tucked behind her ears, which is Not Acceptable to a certain blonde offspring of mine:)

They had such a great time taking turns, one playing the guitar so the other one could dance. (And, can I just say, having a friend with connections in India makes for a very impressive dress-up box!)

And in my monthly "Wow, I think I might be doing something right" moment, here is a conversation from lunch today:

Eve, suspiciously surveying her spaghetti leftovers: Mom, this sauce has onions. I don't like onions.

Me: Well, you horked it down just fine last night. You didn't have a problem with the onions then, so I expect you to eat it now.

*Eve scowls ferociously*

*I eat my own spaghetti, feigning cool indifference*

Eve, slapping her forehead: MOM! Guess what I just remembered?! You told me, that if there's something in my food that I don't like, I can just mix it up with the things I do like, and then I won't even taste it when I eat it!

Which she then proceeded to do, with nary a complaint for the duration of the meal.

Folks, it doesn't always work, but it sure is FANTASTIC when it does!

I wonder what else they really are learning that I just don't see...

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It's wonderful when you find out they actually ARE listening to you!

Hooray - so glad the outfits fit and are getting more use :)

Good job, mom. Seriously.