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That's going to be me tomorrow on 4 hours of sleep: stupified.

Because I'm going to the midnight showing of the very last Harry Potter movie tonight!!!

(Wow, I never use three exclamation points. I think I'm going to need a nap before I head out).

This week has been spent in moderately-frantic preparation for today. There was a movie release party at the library this afternoon, and they said "come in costume!" so, of course, we did.

I found almost everything at thrift stores or in our own closets, except Iris's pillowcase dress, which I made from er, an old pillowcase and two unused IKEA curtain tiebacks. Her ears are courtesy of the dollar store and a little old-fashioned creativity, the wands are sticks from my mom's pear tree, but the Gryffindor ties and Dev's glasses I did buy new from a costume shop.

(The library event was at 1:30. At 12:50, I had never tied a necktie. At 12:55, I taught myself to tie a four-in-hand knot via the Brooks Brothers website. Why four-in-hand? It has the coolest name, although the Prince Albert knot did give me more than a few minutes' amusement.)

And Devlin's scar? On our way out the door, I realized all I had for a red scar was washable marker, which wouldn't last 5 minutes in the Phoenix heat. At the last moment, I drew on the lightning bolt, squeezed out a few drops of Fray-Chek on my finger, and dabbed it over the ink to dry. It worked like a charm, and after dinner I just peeled the whole thing right off!

Of course, after all this effort, there was only one other attendant in costume, and I was certainly the only grown-up in character. If things like that bothered me, well, I wouldn't be me! We had a ball, and Halloween is all taken care of. You have no idea how big a relief this will be in a few months!

I'm sure you're dying to see my costume, and see it you shall.


Goodnight, sweet muggles!

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Love, love, love. They turned out perfectly! Have fun tonight!

they look amazing. you would make your kids HP costumes. i just love it. so much fun!

They're so cute! I love Iris as Dobby!

Oh. My. Gosh. Iris is adorable! You did such a good job on their costumes!

This is awesome. Such a cool mom you are.