Out of Order

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, July 18, 2011 at 8:23 PM


Today I bought 15 pints of strawberries (3/$1 at Superstition Ranch Market - and don't worry, I left plenty for you!) Looks like tomorrow is jam-makin' day!

I love making jam, especially if I get to have good company (which I do), and I love eating it all year long (with homemade bread and cheese). So there's really no downside...

...except that an hour ago, before I remember tomorrow was Jam Day, I mopped the kitchen. Hands-and-knees style. Efficiency fail.

Can anyone think of a way to salvage this situation? A tarp? Maybe I could get in touch with my pioneer ancestors and make the jam outside, boiling water on a campfire?

Comments (2)

I need your recipe!! Bad, bad!! Wish I were there. I can nearly taste the bread, cheese, and jam now!! Happy summer morning memories those are!!

Oh, how I MISS the Ranch Market's 3/$1 (or 4/$1 if you're real lucky)!!!

I need to make jam. Wanna come to Wausau?? We could exchange piano songs again... :)