The Upper Hand

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, July 6, 2011 at 7:38 PM


Today was a day where I just could not get out from behind the eight ball.

I tried everything I had at my disposal to pull me out of my funk.

I had lunch with a friend.

Then I had a cupcake.

I did some window shopping.

I had a nap. (It wasn't long enough.)

I pruned and organized my closet, trying to gain control over one aspect of the chaos of my life.

I played the piano.

I got some Vitamin D and some exercise hosing down the back patio and pool decking after Dustnami 2011 yesterday (only to find out that another one might be coming tonight...)

I went through the car wash (along with every other dusty Mesa resident) and drove home the long, long, long way.

But in the end, the only cure was bedtime and a Jack in the Box sourdough steak sandwich.

Clearly, I need some better coping strategies, just in case tomorrow is another doozy. What do you do to set yourself right when you're off your game?

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It might sound preachy, but prayer, scripture study, hymns, priesthood blessing...tapping into spiritual power is the only way out of the downward spiral for me.

My go-to's are running, being creative somehow, or going outside. But you are right, some days you just can't pull out of a funk. I've learned to just accept that some days will just be blah. As long as the good outnumber the bad by a good amount that is okay.

that no undies story had me laughing. hilarious.

sometimes I need just a good ol' cry-- but that leads to taking Excedrin Migraine

sometimes I just decide to be LAZY.

you are better than me, girl.

I infuriate a bunch of Canadians. Worked for me last time.

I've been in a funk too. Meh.

Locking myself in the bathroom with a cup of chai tea and a book.

I've been in a funk. I usually use these as a reminder to revamp my (lack of) schedule, and try harder to do basics of prayer and scriptures. Probably not your problem, but it tends to be my cue.

I agree with Beth. Some days are just bleh. :)