A Very Enthusiastic Homecoming

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 at 7:51 PM


My "little" brother David came home from his mission today.

He has been in Riverside, California for the last two years.

As we were all waiting at the airport security gate this morning, holding a banner and balloons, anxiously looking for his tall lanky form to appear at the end of the walkway, an older couple on their way to the baggage claim smiled and asked us from where the obviously much-missed "David" was returning.

California, we replied.

They smiled politely, clearly confused. "Oh, we figured maybe Iraq or Afghanistan," and walked away.

(We neglected to specify that he had been a missionary - and I guess most people returning to Phoenix from Southern California haven't been away for 24 months, and don't get such a hero's welcome!)

I forgot how much my kids love him.

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My 3-year old was crying tonight because he wanted to see my sister that is serving up in Idaho. Man how we miss our missionaries! I'm so happy for you that your brother is home!

So happy! I forgot today was the day. Love those homecomings.

That is such a sweet picture!! Welcome home David!!

It was so great being at the airport and seeing your little ones all hugging him. I'm so glad he's home!