Check, check, check

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 at 8:33 PM


Super productive couple of days here!

(I *love* that).

Most blog-worthy project (unless you really care about the fact that we replaced Devlin's ceiling fan and are updating all our doorknobs):

The girls' hairbows were mobilizing forces and threatening to take over the entire house. They were getting very unruly. So I quelled the rebellion by making a couple of holders out of frames I already had (the frames were free, yes FREE, and I had even already spray painted them) and $3 worth of ribbon.

Notice the alternating pink and yellow ribbons for my color-obsessed girlies? I'm a sucker.

And while I was at it, I tidied up the frayed ribbon ends and re-glued all the bows that have been "out of commission" for weeks/months/years. THAT feels amazing.

Problem solved - and, not to worry, you'll notice I still have room for a few new bows up there.

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SO CUTE! omg. LOVElovelovelove. i need a solution to this problem too! ours are in a bucket in the bathroom & they get ruined/somehow mysteriously covered in globs of toothpaste so easy.

Very cute! I did this to hold my dangly earrings. Works like a charm.

Love it!

Looking at the pictures, I realize something: every time I think Eve *cannot* find a bigger yellow flower for her hair...

...she finds one. And we buy it.

I'm going to need a bigger frame next time!

So cute and clever! Well, well done! I love little improvement things like this, they really do make life easier.

That is adorable! Where did you hang this up?

They are in the girl's bathroom. One is next to the mirror, and one is above their towel hooks.

So cute! I've seen a tutorial for these online before and bookmarked them but never made them. You did good! I gotta get my bum in gear and make some for my girls. I love them!