Desperately seeking opinions

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Thursday, August 18, 2011 at 9:03 PM


I got my new glasses today.

I ordered them from Zenni Optical, which is supposedly the home of the $8 pair of glasses (mine ended up costing more like $60, because I am special, but that is still less than half of a Costco pair of specs, which in turn is less than half of what they cost at the optician. And I am told there are yet many higher strata of expense and luxury of which I have never been privileged to partake. Vision correction ain't cheap.)

So, more and more of us four-eyes are seeking out alternative eyewear purveyors in the hopes of finding stylish, functional, affordable options. Zenni is one such business. I've been hearing about it from satisfied customers for a couple of years, so I took the plunge.

But I am not at all sure that I like them.

Another angle.

I can't tell if it's just because they are so different in shape from the pairs I have had before, or if it's because they are just ugly, plain and simple!

I kind of feel like they cut off my eyes too much at the top, and extend too low down my face underneath. Like, hello, it's my EYES that need correction, not my cheekbones.

And yet one more view. For research purposes.

So, this is the part where I solicit your opinions, and they flow forth freely and abundantly from all my readers. Be honest - I may be vain but I can handle the truth. I promise.

Ready, set, go!

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Honestly? You look beautiful anyway, but they go too low under your eyes.

Ahhh...they're kind of cute, but I think that it looks like you were playing dress-up with your grandma's specs. Is that mean? I'm trying to find something nice, but all I like is the person behind the glasses... You can delete me if you want. :(

You, of course, are a doll. The glasses are bottom heavy. IMHO

I agree with the shape oddity. I will still help you with your doors.

I think they/you are darling. Very classy. Love. :)

I like them because they are different from the style these days. But it reminds me of our mom's glasses from 1990. But they looked cute just like you!

Yeah, I would have to say I think they're off, too. I think it may possibly be more than their size, though that's the first change I'd make. Maybe they're also too dark or too thick?? I think they're overpowering your lovely lighter features, rather than accentuating them. That to me is where I take the biggest issue. Your face is so beautiful, I don't want anything obstructing/distracting my view of it. They look like they'd make some pretty awesome sunglasses.

Are you thinking you will swap for something different? I hope it's not too much of a hassle if you do. That's always my biggest complaint about online shopping. Love you!!

I love the glasses and the style of them. They're cool and retro! I even think the shape would suit your face if they were a little smaller. But I have to agree with others that they go too low under your eyes.

I know you're looking for something either the same price or cheaper, but I'm in love with Warby Parker glasses. They're $95 and when you buy them, they give another pair to a child in need of glasses. I got mine from them. I have the "Colton" in sandalwood matte. You have a very cool style and any frame on their page would look awesome. You can do a virtual try-on too. Just a little plug from my favorite glasses place!

agreed. the other shape did something magical to your face, these just don't. i don't hate them, but i don't love them. ;)

Everything that Sarah said, YES.

Mine are from Warby Parker too. I love them. And they send you 5 pairs to try on. So no mistakes. You can keep trying on until you find ones you like.

Also, I think they are cute, and this is what is in these days. I happen to like them, but I know they are not eveyone's thing, and you have to feel confident or they won't look right. (but again, I think they do look right.)

They aren't awful, but they are too low on your cheeks. You're beautiful though!

Well, you certainly don't need ME to chime in, since everyone else has all said the same thing. They are just too bottom heavy. You're right, it's your eyes NOT your cheekbones that need a correcting. I certainly think you can get away with a bit of a cat eye, just not so large a lens.
Ok, that's all. Carry on.