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If you were to ask me what Devlin wants for his birthday next month, I could give you a few ideas.


Anything to do with Harry Potter.

And duct tape. Colored duct tape.

Because this is my child who has always, always loved trash, and building things out of trash. I have to recycle empty boxes and cans immediately, otherwise they are spirited off to Devlin's Happy Home for Cast-off Containers and upcycled into fabulous new contraptions.

Tonight, he is wearing his new camo jammies, and they apparently inspired new heights of creativity. He decided he needed a helmet to go with his camouflage:

And he needed to go outside, so the camo pattern could be done justice. Army crawling, I think:

But then even that wasn't quite enough, so he got the full DIY Rambo look going on:

He is in bed now, and I think we convinced him to remove probably 75% of his accessories. He has taken to sleeping with his "satchel" on, and I just go in after he's asleep and pull it off his shoulder so it doesn't strangle him in the night.

Obviously, allowing him to paint his toenails has not quite managed to "make him gay" yet.

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Maybe a career in engineering? Or covert operations?

What a creative mind. Go Dev.