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You would not believe all the housewifery that is going on around my house this week. You just wouldn't.

Today's cute project is this:

A headband holder made from a Quaker oatmeal cardboard container! I covered it with fabric (leftover from when I hemmed Devlin's curtains), hot glued a ribbon around the bottom to hide the frayed edge of the fabric, and hot glued on some tulle and a button to hide the fact that the ribbon didn't quite reach around the tube.

And that is basically a metaphor for my entire life, right there. If it looks cute from the outside, it's probably a mechanism to hide some shortcoming or other!

I also cut out a circle of scrapbook paper that I had laying around and glued it to the top of the lid to hide the rather homely Quaker guy on the label.

Rigid or delicate headbands go around the container, soft squishable or unembellished ones go inside. Genius, right?

(Oh, and if you like my headbands, you should definitely check out Holly's Headgear here. She's my little sister, she makes them, they are beautiful. That black one on the top? That is MINE.)

I just want to take this moment and point out that Pinterest is only a time-suck if you sit in front of it for hours on end, imagining all the good things you *could* be doing.

(And, um, I know that from personal experience).

But I have made a bunch of projects this week (got another one to show you tomorrow!) and several recipes on the current meal plan have been found via Pinterest too. So, you know, if you use it right, I think it's a really great tool.

Come back tomorrow and see my next cool thing I made, okay? Because I PROMISE, if I make it, you can make it. I am all about simple.

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Very very cool. Go you!

I completely agree about Pinterest! It's a good tool, if you know how to use it like a tool. People have such great ideas! It's a nice place to find them. Cute bow storage, by the way! Brilliant!