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(by the way, you just *have* to click on the photo. Devlin's face is not to be missed.)

Rachel's Parenting Tip of the Day:

You know what? Just ignore them. They're happier, I'm happier.

They play nicely about 15% of the time, they are in danger of physically harming each other about 15% of the time, and the rest is somewhere in between. Not award-winning behavior, but not bad enough to call the cops.

And that's the way it is, no matter how closely I hover, no matter how many communication prompts I offer, no matter how many boring speeches I make or how many times I lose my temper.

So, when I felt like I was getting frustrated, trying to moderate their squabbles and minimize the noise level, instead of losing my shipoopie (again)...

...I locked myself in my room and read Catching Fire for an hour.

And when it was time to make dinner, I came out and made dinner. And I was happy.

No one died. The mess level in the house was slightly higher, but the mess level in my mind was good. Better than good.

Now, the question, is: can I remember my own advice? This is not the first time I have come to this conclusion (for myself). Can I survive the last 9 days of summer by ignoring my children as much as possible?

Time will tell.

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Where was this yesterday?

This reminds me of my childhood. My mom used to lock her self in the bathroom with the telephone.

I hope those are good memories of your childhood! I'm not aiming to traumatize them - quite the opposite. I really think they are happier without my interference!

LOVE this post!

I'd say "ignoring my children" is pretty much my main parenting tactic on a daily basis. Ha! Ha!

I think this is awesome. Dev's face in that picture is priceless!

I think you're on to something here. Kids love to play and if it doesn't get really out of hand, what's the harm in letting them be kids? Reminds me of a book I didn't read, but wanted to when I was pregnant called The Lazy Parenting Book, or something like that. I know for types like us that struggle to "let go" sometimes, it can seem like an attractive approach. Your kids have a lot instilled in them already in terms of what's appropriate to do in the house and what's not. This may be a good, simple test of that.

I'm glad you have children for whom this is an effective strategy. If I just disappeared for an hour (or 15 minutes), my house would blow up, or I'd lose a child to the street, or food would be strewn everywhere, ororororor....not worth it. :)

One day, I will be able to do this. Until then, I have to stop Samantha from rolling on top of Scarlet whenever they are playing together.

love this! I love Evie's choice of clothing, that's what leah lives in well that and princess dresses