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We are doing great around here.

Iris looks darling with her missing tooth. It doesn't bother me at all anymore. She has started sucking her thumb again to go to sleep, and that takes some weight off my heart.

(She'll stop someday. But I wasn't ready for it to be like that. You can all think I'm nuts, and I should have gratefully seized the opportunity to break the habit. But I'm the mom here, and she's my last baby, and so help me she will suck that thumb as long as she needs to.)


Feeling good. Really good.

Not least because I finally got to get me some pretty new things. David has been working like a three-legged sled dog, and it finally paid off. Literally. So I got a few dollars to myself, and I am feeling so good that I will post this photo even though being photographed from this angle (aka: by a shrimpy 7-year-old) is Against The Rules For A Very Good Reason:

Pants, top, belt, necklace: Anthro (sorry - I've been collecting for a few years!)
Shoes: Famous Footwear, on clearance, 5 years ago
Earrings: gift from Granny D

Fresh new haircut: Tantrum salon

Are those pants not so amazing? Cool, breezy, beautiful, machine washable, and fit for an hourglass figure with no alterations. Ring 'em up!

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I love it!

Lookin' like one hot mama!

Yea! Glad you're feeling (and looking) so good!

Can Devlin take a great photo, or what? You look marvelous!

That last comment was mine.